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SCMZU Students Achieved Excellent Results in National Intelligent Car Contest for College Students

author:Written by Wu Jia and Liao Xiaomei Time:Dec 22, 2020 page views:

Recently, the results of the 15th National Intelligent Car Contest for College students were announced. Four teams from College of Electronics and Information Engineering of SCMZU participated in the basic four-wheel group competition, the energy-saving upright group competition, the double-car relay group competition and Baidu deep learning creative group competition, and have achieved excellent results, including one national first prize, two national second prize and one national third prize.

A total of 1,210 teams from 367 colleges and universities took part in the contest. Affected by COVID-19 epidemic, the offline national finals of the contest were not held. Instead, the winners were determined according to their scores in their respective zones in proportion to the prizes. The South China Competition Zone adopted the mode of online competition for the first time. A total of 211 teams from 61 colleges and universities completed their competition in 13 sub-zones. After the examination and approval by the organizing committee, SCMZU was qualified to host the competition in a sub-zone. 

On August 16, the SCMZU sub-zone in the South China Competition Zone was held in the Intelligent Control Laboratory of College of Electronics and Information Engineering in No. 16 teaching building. The secretariat of the contest checked the layout of the competition site, the standard race track, the race timing system and competition process, and monitored the whole process of the competition through Tencent Meeting. In addition, the competition was live-streamed on Bilibili and more than 2,300 people watched it online. 

The National Intelligent Car Contest for College students is a creative science and technology competition, which was founded in 2006 and was held by the Automation Teaching Steering Committee for Colleges and Universities entrusted by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. The contest is composed of speed race competition and creative race competition. The speed race competition consists of different groups for undergraduates of different grades. The creative race competition is more challenging compared with the speed race competition, which is more suitable for more qualified and competent undergraduates and postgraduates.

SCMZU has always attached great importance to the training of students' innovation and practical ability, and has encouraged and supported students to participate in all kinds of high-level subject competitions. Over the years, SCMZU students have achieved remarkable results in the National Intelligent Car Competition for College Students.

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