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SCMZU’s Shiliuzi Volunteer Group Won “the Most Dynamic College Youth League Branch in 2020-2021 School Year”

author:Gao Junshan Time:Jun 18, 2021 page views:

Recently, the selection result of the Most Dynamic College Youth League Branch in 2020-2021 School Year was released, which was guided by the Primary Construction Department of Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and held by China Youth Daily. After steps of school-level application, provincial preliminary evaluation, display for obtaining audience’s likes, and national final evaluation, SCMZU’s Shiliuzi volunteer group won “the Most Dynamic College Youth League Branch in 2020-2021 School Year”.

Shiliuzi volunteer group youth League branch was established in Sept. 2001, which is a youth League branch set up in the campus volunteer service organization formed by young teachers and students from 56 ethnic groups in SCMZU. The youth League branch bases on campus and looks into the society, engages in promoting the volunteer spirit, organizes and guides young volunteers of all ethnic groups to actively participate in volunteer service activities and the construction of ethnic unity and progress, tells ethnic stories well, disseminates ethnic culture, enhances exchanges and integration among ethnic groups, and encourages nations to huddle together like pomegranate seeds (Shiliuzi in Chinese). Shiliuzi volunteer group successfully completed the volunteer service for the 7th Military World Games, participated in volunteer activities to fight COVID-19, implemented ethnic unity activities in more than 50 communities, was selected as one of the national "Four 100" best volunteer service organizations in learning from Lei Feng, won nearly 10 awards such as "National Youth League Branch of May 4th Red Flag" and National Outstanding Volunteer Service Organization Award for Young Volunteers, and cultivated almost 30 national advanced individuals. The deeds of the volunteer group were reported for more than 140 times by media including CCTV News Broadcast and China Youth Daily, and the volunteer group was praised by the media as the "ambassador of national unity".

It is reported that this selection activity aims at thoroughly implementing the deployment of "Paying Great Attention to the Grassroots by the Whole League” and “Paying Attention to Schools by the League”, and 1,600 colleges and universities in China displayed their achievements and typical experiences in the construction of League branches through new media, while 11 million people liked it online.

(Editor: Feng Shanshan  Source: Youth League Committee)

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