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The Shooting of Promotional Video about SCMZU’s 70th Anniversary Began, Focusing on Changes, Growth and Development of SCUN

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At the turn of spring and summer, SCMZU’s 70th anniversary celebration was approaching. In order to looking back to history, viewing the present, and looking into the future, the shooting of 70th anniversary promotional video directed by alumni association initiated recently. On the afternoon of June 15, the initiating ceremony was held in Academic Exchange Center. Yang Shengcai, the Vice Principal, Song Zhixing, the President of Beijing Alumni Association, Xia Zhou, the Director of the promotional video and also an alumnus, and other responsible persons from relevant units including CPC Publicity Department and School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, all attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Wang Huaigang, the Administrative Vice Minister of CPC Publicity Department.

The shooting of promotional video about SCMZU’s 70th Anniversary began. Photographer: Xie Yufei

The video was organized by CPC Publicity Department and School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, and shot and produced by Beijing Alumni Association, in the purpose of representing SCMZU’s historical changes, teaching achievements, contributions to society, future development and due responsibilities. The video combined old photos with modern imaging technology, following perspectives of thousands of students, in order to represent SCMZU of different times with different persons as the leading characters, and to show the glorious images of generations of SCMZU people striving hard and forging ahead.

In the initiating ceremony, Chen Junjun, the Vice President of School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, introduced preparation work on selection of shooting team, script writing, and recruitment of actors.

Yang pointed out in his speech that SCMZU was currently in the critical timing of transformation, innovation, and high-quality development, and the  promotional video about SCMZU’s 70th anniversary should display SCMZU’s history, present and future, so as to let the Party be assured, the people satisfied, the peers recognized, and the alumni inspired. He expressed gratitude to Beijing Alumni Association for the substantial support on behalf of SCMZU, asking relevant departments to do well in shooting and production of the promotional video, ensuring supply and providing timely following up and checking.

Song Zhixing briefly introduced the growing history of Beijing Alumni Association. He said that participating in shooting preparation and production of the  promotional video about 70th anniversary was repaying to SCMZU by Beijing Alumni Association, and was also a new starting point of cooperation with SCMZU, which would be sure to promote the joint construction and common development of alumni association and SCMZU. He sincerely wished SCMZU for a glorious future.

Xia Zhou introduced the shooting plan of the promotional video from the aspects of shooting concepts and shooting methods. Shooting team and relevant units conducted detailed communication on shooting affairs.

Director Xia Zhou is introducing shooting plan. Photographer: Xie Yufei

Wang Huaigang, and Han Xin, the Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, expressed that they would offer full support and active cooperation in the shooting and production of the promotional video, with participation by special personnel and timely communication and effective coordination.

It is reported that the first stage of campus shooting of the promotional video will be finished soon.

(Editor: Liu Hong  Source:CPC Publicity Department)

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