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12 Works from SCMZU Won Prizes in the 13th "Challenge Cup" Competition of Hubei Province Including Two Special Awards

author:Gao Junshan, Xiao Yu Time:May 28, 2021 page views:

On the afternoon of May 19, the 13th Hubei "Challenge Cup - Bank of China" exhibition of outstanding projects in the competition of extracurricular academic science and technology works of college students was held in SCMZU’s auditorium, which was organized by Hubei Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, Association for Science and Technology in Hubei, Education Department, and Hubei Students’ Federation. Erkenjan Turahun, the Member of Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Minister of United Front Work Department went to the exhibition.

The competition focused on the science and technology innovation chain of colleges, newly set up road show investment part, docked venture capital resources, offered priority service towards 45 science and technology innovation projects with industrial development potential, and assisted in transformation of science and technology achievements, wherein angel fund organization signed investment intention agreement on site. In order to intensify the service of science and technology innovation of young people, Hubei Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League invited 15 experts and scholars as well as industry leaders in related fields (including 3 academicians) to focus on key industrial categories of Hubei Province and the key innovation deployment during the “14th Five-year Plan” period, and organized young expert advisory group of science and technology innovation. Ye Zhaohui, the Director of expert advisory group and the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, released “Science and Technology Innovation Guidance Directory of Hubei Young People” at the event.

SCMZU paid high attention to the organization and preparation work of the “Challenge Cup”. University leaders held special meetings to deploy organization work. SCMZU’s Youth League Committee paid many visits to experts and scholars, carefully selected and cultivated works with innovation, practicalness and growth, and invited senior experts inside and outside the university to provide instruction training and simulative defense in the aspects of thesis writing, defense skills, and project presentation. Finally, 12 of SCMZU’s works won prizes in the competition, wherein “The Approach to Village Combination - The Specimen Significance of Rizhao’s Example” and “Waking up Massive ‘Sleeping’ Assets: New Exploration of Releasing Dividend of Idle Farm House - An Investigation Based on Kaiyang Guizhou and Shangyu Zhejiang” won special awards, as well as another three works winning the first prize, three winning the second prize, four winning the third prize, and SCMZU was awarded the “Winning Prize”.

Hubei "Challenge Cup" competition of extracurricular academic science and technology works of college students was first held in 1997, and continued once every two years. The competition has been adhering to the concept of “respecting science, pursuing truth, studying hard, innovating with determination, and welcoming challenges”, engaging in promoting participation of college students in academic science and technology practice, discovering and cultivating innovative talents, deepening quality education in colleges, and enhancing moral education in colleges. The competition has now become the largest science and technology innovation competition for college students in Hubei, which is called the “Olympic Games” of science and technology innovation of college students in Hubei. The competition was initiated in March, and a total of 106 colleges participated in it, with 1100 entries, including 30 works winning special prize, 81 winning the first prize, 201 winning the second prize, and 569 winning the third prize.

(Editor: Liu Hong  Source:Youth League Committee)

List of Awards in SCMZU:

Special Award:

Work Title: The Approach to Village Combination - The Specimen Significance of Rizhao’s Example

Participating Students: Li Shangwei, Huang Xuejing, Lei Tingting, and Li Fagui

Advisor: Li Jinsu, and Zu Qin

Work Title: Waking up Massive ‘Sleeping’ Assets: New Exploration of Releasing Dividend of Idle Farm House - An Investigation Based on Kaiyang Guizhou and Shangyu Zhejiang

Participating Students: Meng Kong, Wang Tong, Han Xinying, Zhang Xueping, and Jia Yize

Advisor: Pan Zejiang

First Award:

Work Title: Mechanochemical Transformation of Magnesium Silicate Tailings into Slow-release Compound Fertilizer

Participating Students: Tan Yonghao, Jiang Jinqi, Yu Nengkui, Ren Jie, and Huang Yiyi

Advisor: Qu Jun

Work Title: Research on Pragmatic Strategies of Network Personification Expression in the New Era

Participating Students: Tang Ruoyan, Hu Qian, Song Meina, Zhang Yingwen, and Guo Qiyu

Advisor: Shao Zesui

Work Title: Is It Really Possible for Community Group Purchase to Keep Customers by “Burning Money”?

Participating Students: He Dongchen, Liu Qichuan, Deng Bin, and Zhang Wanjia

Advisor: Bi Dayu, Jin Yanan, and Zhang Jinsong

Second Award:

Work Title: Poverty Alleviation and Future Revitalization of Severely Impoverished Areas - the Past, Present and Future of Tibet and Tibet Areas in Four Provinces

Participating Students: Zhang Chunyan, Guo Wen, Wan Ruoxi, Li Kaiwei, Wang Huimin, and Su Chenchen

Advisor: Li Bo

Work Title: Detection Method of High Precision Photoacoustic Spectrometry for Meat Quality Recognition

Participating Students: Tang Zihao, Chen Yifan, Liu Jian, Li Dezhi, and Li Zehao

Advisor: Yang Chunyong, and Ni Wenjun

Work Title: Antioxidant and Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation of prxA Gene in Mesorhizobium Huakuii 7653R

Participating Students: Xu Ke, Jiao Dian, Huang Yunyang, Tang Yuxin, Chen Silian, and Hai Qian

Advisor: Cheng Guojun

Third Award:

Work Title: A Discussion of Endangered Mechanism of Coptis Chinensis in Yunnan from the Perspective of Seed Endophytic Fungi

Participating Students: Chen Chen, Ran Qian, Zhan Yuxue, and Li Xiaohua

Advisor: Ai Honglian, Li Zhenghui, and Liu Jikai

Work Title: How Can “Small Points” Generate “Huge Energy”? - An Investigation of Points System Management of Urban and Rural Communities from the Perspective of Joint Construction, Joint Governance and Shared Benefits

Participating Students: Li Junru, Yang Shuting, Liu Yisi, Zhang Xinyu, and Li Shiqi

Advisor: Fang Fujian

Work Title: Development and Study of Titanium Dioxide, the Green Catalytic Pesticide

Participating Students: Wei Xiaoshan, Yang Gengtao, Xie Linbo, Zhang Chengjiang, and Wu Zhongda

Advisor: Chen Lianqing

Work Title: "Dangerous Waste" Turning into "Good Medicine” - Preparation and Application of Efficient Absorbing Material of Electrolytic Manganese Slag Base

Participating Students: Ma Mengyu, Shao Li, Wei Hua, Ma Liying, Liu Yanchang, and Song Xiaolong

Advisor: Li Jia

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