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Students and Teachers of SCMZU Won Prizes in the 4th Popular Science Explanation Contest of State Ethnic Affairs Commission System

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On May 12, the 4th Popular Science Explanation Contest of State Ethnic Affairs Commission System came to an end in Dalian. SCMZU’s students and teachers carefully prepared for the competition and had excellent performance, winning one first prize, three second prizes, and one third prize, and SCMZU won the outstanding organization award.

This contest was sponsored by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, and organized by Dalian Minzu University, with the theme of “Looking Back to the Recent One Hundred Years: CPC Leads the Development of Science and Technology”. More than one hundred experts of popular science from each unit of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission system participated the contest. After a series of primary selections, a total of 32 contestant entered the final contest, including five teachers and students of SCMZU.

Ms. Li Yongxiu is in the contest. Photo provided by School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In the final contest, teachers and students of SCMZU won affirmation of the judges and warm applause from the audience with their steady style and lively explanation. Ms. Li Yongxiu from the School of Chemistry and Materials Science chose the topic of “Discovering the Mystery of Chirality to Distinguish Right and Left”, and vividly explained the amazing chirality phenomenon; Ms. Liu Jing from the School of Computer Science depicted the “digital future” that “involves everything” in her topic of “Digital RMB”; Mr. Jiang Yu from the School of Chemistry and Materials Science profoundly described the quality and usage of carbon fiber in his topic of “A Study of Carbon”; Tan Kexin from School of Ethnology and Sociology solved the mystery of the watermark of underground palace in the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in her topic of “Tribute Shadow in the Graveyard”; Ma Lishuai from the school of Education conducted related science popularization of thermal radiation law in his topic of “Technology of Infrared Temperature Measurement” combining the epidemic prevention and control. After tense competition, Ms. Li Yongxiu won the first prize, while Ms. Liu Jing, Mr. Jiang Yu, and Tan Kexin won the second prize, and Ma Lishuai won the third prize. Ms. Li Yongxiu would attend the National Popular Science Explanation Contest as the member of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission delegation.

SCMZU paid high attention to this contest. In last December, units including the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the School of Scientific Development, and the Museum of Ethnology jointly held the preliminary contest at university level. On the basis of the preliminary contest, there were also many training, providing careful guarantee for contestants in the aspects of site, equipment, screen recording, and logistics. Five contestants and advisors practiced hard and made full preparation.

It is worth mentioning that this final contest was organized by Wuhan Lvshu Culture Communication Co., LTD, an entrepreneurial team of SCMZU students, in the whole process, which also provided technical support service. The team has been providing service in the finals for the fourth time in a row, winning praise from leaders of Education, Science and Technology Department of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, experts, teachers and students at the contest.

(Editor: Liu Hong  Source: School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

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