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The 16th Wuhan College Art Festival was Launched at SCMZU

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On the morning of June 8, the opening ceremony of 16th Wuhan College Art Festival was initiated at the Guanggu concert hall of SCMZU, marking the beginning of the college art award in every two years.

Song Fajun, SCMZU’s Deputy Secretary of CPC and Vice Principal attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He said that carrying forward and developing fine traditional Chinese culture is the special mission of SCMZU, and SCMZU would continue to enhance the popular art education for all students and further promote the important role of art service talent training, so as to provide assistance of Wuhan College Art Festival and offer service to local economic and social development.

This art festival maintained the traditional advantage event of Wuhan College Art Festival such as art and calligraphy selection, photography selection, performance of intangible cultural heritage into universities, and classic plays into universities; the festival updated stage art selection, combining the theme of the 100th Anniversary of CPC founding,and creating the selection and performance of stage art with the theme of staying true to original aspiration and presenting to the Party; the festival also developed original programs and activities, including logo and mascot of Wuhan College Art Festival, theme song collected globally, and the activity of “Going to Colleges in Wuhan”. Additionally, the festival created three key projects: “A Dialog with Myself from the Future - Series Interview with Wuhan Alumni”, “College Universities” in five cities Talking about Party history, singing revolutionary songs and presenting gifts to the 100th Anniversary of CPC founding, and closing ceremony of the Art Festival and Road Show of Cultural and Creative Brand Incubation.

The 16th Wuhan College Art Festival was Launched at SCMZU. Photographer: Li Qianlin

In the opening ceremony, the chorus formed by SCMZU students of 56 ethnic groups sang the song “Singing Songs to the Party Again” affectionately. Several groups of excellent alumni in different regions aroused sympathy by their sharing with the themes of “Seeking”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Responsibility”, and “Service”. Tik Tok topic “Finger Dance Competition” of “Going to Colleges in Wuhan” jointly initiated by the Committee and Tik Tok Platform targeting this Art Festival attracted audiences to learn to dance at the same time. The exciting content pushed the opening ceremony to climaxes again and again.

The chorus is singing the song “Singing Songs to the Party Again” affectionately. Photographer: Liu Qi

On the same morning, the mini APP “The Voice of Colleges” specially made for the Art Festival was launched in all media and platforms at the same time. This platform engaged in creating online College Art Festival for 365 days without stopping, in order to promote the brand images of College Art Festival and “The Voice of Colleges”. Meanwhile, the platform focused on Hongshan District and faced colleges, forming the comprehensive “College+” Incubation platform in Hongshan District in the aspects of education, enrollment, employment, industry-university-research transformation, alumni economy, and campus culture. From that day on, millions of Wuhan college students could focus on mini APP “The Voice of Colleges” to know more related information, and participate in the selection through delivery channel of college original literary and artistic works.

The performance of Finger Dance. Photographer: Liu Qi

It is reported that Wuhan College Art Festival has been successfully held for more than 30 years, which has become the gorgeous name card of Wuhan public culture construction as the key brand of college culture in Hubei. This College Art Festival was guided by Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department, sponsored by Wuhan Culture and Tourism Bureau, Wuhan Broadcasting and TV station, CPC Wuhan Hongshan District Committee, and People's Government of Hongshan District of Wuhan, organized by related departments in Hongshan District and Wuhan, and jointly organized by Culture and Tourism Bureau in each district and SCMZU.

This College Art Festival would be continued until December, and the award ceremony of all competitions would be held along with the closing ceremony.

(Editor: Liu Hong  Source:CPC Publicity Department)

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