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Students of SCMZU Win 2nd Prize in FLTRP “ETIC Cup” English Public Speaking Contest

author:Liu Xin, Liao Xiaomei Time:Jul 3, 2021 page views:

Recently, the results of the 23th FLTRP “ETIC Cup” English Public Speaking Contest have been revealed. Geng Wei and Lu Tianyuan, two contestants from the School of Foreign Languages of SCMZU, competed with other contestants from universities such as Peking University, Xiamen University and China Foreign Affairs University, and won a second prize with an outstanding performance, which was the best performance of SCMZU in this event in the past five years.

The final was held online, which was participated in by teams of over 120 universities of cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing. Lasting for two days, the topics of debate focused on current affairs and covered such areas as politics, economy and culture, guiding the university students to care about the domestic and global development and hot topics in each field and plan their path of life correctly. The two contestants of SCMZU showed a positive attitude towards the debate topic, deeply explored the fundamental reasons behind the topic from various perspectives and carried out an in-depth interpretation from such aspects as principle, policy, feasibility and effectiveness. Each debate had its highlight, showing the excellent cultural literacy and psychology of students of SCMZU and winning unanimous praise from the judge panel.

Two contestants of SCMZU in the contest. Photo by Liu Xin

According to Liu Xin and Feng Yanling, coaches for the debate contest, the English debate contest of university students is an important event to test the students’ command of English, which not only fosters the thinking ability of contestants, but also cultivates their comprehensive ability to use English. The two contestants said, English majors cannot be confined to learning knowledge from books, but also should be equipped with a global vision, practice and accumulate more and keep improving comprehensive and practical abilities.

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