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The Fifth Science Explanation Competition Ends

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On November 27, the fifth Science Explanation Competition was held in Building No. 16. Vice President Du Dongyun, heads of Experimental Teaching and Engineering Training Center, and College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and other functional departments, and heads of other colleges attended the competition.

This year's competition was hosted by the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Experimental Teaching and Engineering Training Center, the Academy of Scientific Research and Development and the Museum of Ethnology. Mr. Lan Huarong, secretary of Experimental Teaching and Engineering Training Center; Mr. Lin Yihong, deputy director of Museum of Ethnology; Mr. Yang Haijian, vice president of College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Mr. Geng Xin, vice president of College of Scientific Research and Development; and Mr. Han Xiaole of College of Chemical Materials served as the judges of the competition.

276 students signed up for the competition, a record high. After the pre-selection, 71 students and teachers were shortlisted for the final. The topics included carbon neutral, machine translation, gene detection, siphoning principle, fitness in the space, how Covid-19 virus caused pneumonia, life-saving respirator, neuron of AI, etc., presenting an interesting science popularization explanation feast.

After a day of fierce competition, Mei Peng from School of Chemical Materials and Lan Wei from School of Pharmacy won the first prize(teacher group); Li Xiaopeng from Museum of Ethnology and Piao Xurei from School of Resource and Environment won the first prize (student group); Li Xiaojun from School of Pharmacy and Xie Shi from School of Chemical Materials won the second prize; Li Wei from School of Science and Technology and Du Zhibao from School of Biological Sciences won the third prize; Hu Yue from Museum of Ethnology won the excellent prize. School of Pharmacy, School of Computer Science, School of Public Administration, School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, School of Chemistry and Material Sciences, School of Ethnology and Sociology, School of Law, and College of Resources and Environmental Sciences were awarded the Excellent Organization Award.

The annual National Science Explanation Competition is called the "Olympics" in the science popularization field, and excellent contestants are recommended by each provinces and ministry to advance to the national competition. SCMZU has always attached great importance to this competition, and has hosted the first Science Explanation Competition of the National Ethnic Affairs Commission of the People's Republic of China System, and the 2021 Hubei Provincial Science Explanation Competition, winning 4 national awards and 25 provincial awards.

Mei Peng (teacher) from School of Chemistry and Material Sciences: "Lithium: Essential to Carbon Neutrality”. Photo by Li Zhen

Lan Wei (teacher) from School of Pharmaceutical Sciences: "Sulfur for Beauty". Photo by Li Zhen

Li Xiaopeng from the Museum of Ethnology: "Fitness in the Space". Photo by Li Zhen

Piao Xurui from College of Resources and Environmental Sciences: "NZVI: A Strong Opponent of Heavy Metal Pollutants". Photo by Li Zhen

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