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School Of Computer Science Cooperated with Huawei and Other Enterprises to Carry Out In-Depth Industry-Education Cooperation, and 216 Students Received Training

author:Lai Dayou, Wang Heng Time:Dec 9, 2021 page views:

Recently, the School of Computer Science worked with Huawei and other well-known enterprises to offer school-enterprise internship and training talent training courses and carry out innovation subject competition for students and other series of activities. 216 graduate students and undergraduate students, and more than 20 teachers participated in the activities, and nearly 1,000 students participated in an indirect way. Relevant enterprises sent 11 professional engineers to provide on-site guidance. The activities were well-received by both teachers and students of SCMZU.

Harmony OS is a full-scene distributed operating system developed by Huawei for the Internet of Everything. On 27 to 28 November, the 2021 SCMZU—Huawei Harmony OS Innovation Training Camp was held in SCMZU. The camp offered 16 class hours, and the courses included "Developing my first Harmony OS-based application", "JSUI development", "Atomic service development", "Distributed case development—the first application of HarmonyOS", and "Distributed service development - the first application of HarmonyOS". "Distributed Case Development—Development of Xiaohong Online Class and Thinking Exercise". 55 students majoring in software engineering of grade 2019 were selected to participate in the training.

From November 26 to December 5, SCMZU-Huawei Ecology University “Talent Program” ICT Network Engineer Certification Training Camp was held in SCMZU. 30 students majoring in network engineering of grade 2018 and 2019 participated in the 2-week and 32-class hour offline program. Aiming at meeting the needs of enterprises and professional certification, the training camp integrates the latest network technology, engineering experience and educational resources of enterprises into the teaching system of network engineering major. Students of this major will acquire not only network engineering-related theoretical knowledge such as the design, deployment, management, operation and maintenance of network architecture, but also practical network technology, so as to lay a good foundation for further study and work.

The Kingsoft Office Engineering Practice Training Camp was held from November 27 to December 19 in SCMZU, which was a 32-class hour training course for specialized masters of School of Computer Science. 55 specialized masters participated in the program to learn about the evolution of client-side development technology from a macro perspective, understand the characteristics of traditional client-side development and H5 client-side development, and finally learn to use related technology framework for client-side development.

International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is one of the largest and highest-level international programming competitions for university students in the world. Both the regional competition and the finals have always been valued by well-known colleges and universities across the world as well as famous computer companies all over the world. At present, 76 undergraduates of all the 4 years of the School of Computer Science have attended relevant training courses and received special training to prepare for the Asian Regional Competition of ICPC.

The School of Computer Science organizes such series of activities to strengthen students' industry awareness, enhance their practical capabilities, promote their employment planning ability and talent training, and promote engineering education certification. These activities have also laid the foundation for school-enterprise cooperation, the construction of new engineering construction projects, and the incubation and cultivation of teaching achievement awards.

(Editor: Liu Qiong; Source: School of Computer Science)

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