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Pomegranate Seed Volunteer Team included into list of demonstration sites of Hubei Province

author:Gao Junshan, Li Ran Time:Mar 7, 2022 page views:

On the occasion of the 59th National Memorial Day for Learning from Lei Feng, the list of the 7th batch of demonstration sites for learning from Lei Feng activities in Hubei Province was announced by the Publicity Department of Hubei Provincial CPC Committee. Through extensive mobilization, level-by-level recommendation and comprehensive evaluation, SCMZU’s Pomegranate Seed Volunteer Team was included into the list.

Established in September, 2001, Pomegranate Seed Volunteer Team is a voluntary campus volunteer service organization established by young ethnic teachers and students of SCMZU. The team mainly provides services on campus and is committed to promoting the spirit of voluntary service. It has organized various voluntary activities for young volunteers from different ethnic groups to promote national unity and progress, spread national stories and culture and strengthen exchanges among all ethnic groups. The team provided volunteer services at the 7th Military World Games, participated in the volunteer service activities to fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, and carried out national unity service activities in more than 50 communities. The Volunteer Team has received nearly ten awards for its contribution, including "Four 100" Best Volunteer Service Organization, won nearly 10 honors including "National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Branch" and National Youth Volunteer Excellent Volunteer Service Organization Award, and cultivated nearly 30 national advanced individuals. Its achievements have been reported by News Network Show, China Youth Daily and other media for more than 140 times, and it has been praised as the "messenger of national unity" by the media.

It is reported that this selection activity aims to spread the spirit of Lei Feng and promote the implementation of the activity of learning from Lei Feng. A total of 25 units in the province were included into the list.

Editor: Liu Qiong; Source: School Youth League Committee

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