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“The Way of University” well-received

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On February 28th, “The Way of University”, the first documentary about college students' growth in Hubei province, which was jointly produced by Hubei Federation of Social Sciences and the Comprehensive Channel of Hubei Media Group, was broadcast. Young students of various ethnic groups from the Backbone Students Training Camp of SCMZU played a leading role in the first episode of the program, and attracted the audience’ attention with their solidarity, enthusiasm and positive outlook. This program was well-received by teachers, students and alumni.

Wang Qiong (deputy secretary of the Party Committee of School of Law) said: This program vividly shows that all students of SCMZU are working hard to realize the Chinese Dream like a big family, and they are making full use of all resources and platforms of SCMZU to provide students of all ethnic groups with growth opportunities so that they can learn from one another and put what they have learnt into practice. As a teacher of the School of Law, I feel glad to see that the students of the School of Law, who were the backbone of the Backbone Students Training Camp, successfully held the 7th SCMZU Festival. In the process of preparing and organizing the festival, they have overcome numerous difficulties, cooperated with one another well, shouldered their due responsibilities, put what they had learnt into practice, and finally attained great achievement. They are the representatives of the more than 30,000 students of SCMZU, and they show to us with their efforts that as long as students of SCMZU keep a positive attitude to life, dare to rise to challenges and are more willing to contribute, they can all achieve more personal growth through practice.

Zong Ming (director of the office of the Trade Union of SCMZU) said: The program shows to us the rich and busy college life of these students in the Backbone Students Training Camp. They set up the platform for national unity and progress by holding SCMZU Festival; they organized the flash mob activity with the theme of "national unity and harmonious China"; they attended the national cultural exchange courses and participated in rice-cutting activity together. They have always maintained the spirit of unrelenting fight and kept forging ahead. They are the outcome of SCMZU’s comprehensive and whole-process talent training endeavor. By promoting college students’ self-training, SCMZU has shown how it fosters students’ virtue through education, and how its young students advance bravely and healthily.

Gao Junshan (Director of Publicity and Education Department of the Youth League Committee of SCMZU) said: "The Way of University" program produced by Hubei Media Group documented how young students of SCMZU do as the Party says and show gratitude to the Party, how they devote themselves to study and practice, and how they forge the sense of community of the Chinese nation. The beautiful campus environment and rich cultural activities recorded in the program help us better realize the great achievements SCMZU has made under the leadership of the Party in these years! Over the past 70 years, SCMZU has always adhered to principle of fostering students’ virtue through education. Generations of teachers of SCMZU have worked relentlessly to cultivate our students into talents for national rejuvenation. As an ideological and political worker, we should work harder to forge a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation, strengthen reform and innovation, and lead the youth of all ethnic groups to hold together like pomegranate seeds to contribute to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

Tang Yuan (Counselor of School of Computer Science) said: Students of SCMZU are full of vigor and vitality, and they live and study together in the warm campus. As a member of the team of ideological and political counselors in SCMZU, and a young man in the new era, I will continue to stay true to my original inspiration, work hard with students of SCMZU to inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture, forge the sense of community of the Chinese nation, become a builder of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and contribute to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Ran Junman (A Grade-2020 student majoring in the Chinese Language and Literature of School of Literature, Journalism and Communication) said: From the program, I can see how college students show their positive attitude towards life and friendship toward others and how to fight hard for realizing their dreams. They study and live by the Nanhu Lake like us and are fighting with us. I will cherish my time in college and study hard to make more contribution to the society and the Chinese nation.

Yang Keyi (A Grade-2020 student majoring in English in School of Foreign Languages) said: I was excited and moved after watching the program. I believe that the spirit of unity and positivity of students of SCMZU shown in the program has deeply touched all the audience. The diverse ethnic cultures and colorful college life are vividly shown in the program, which makes me have stronger cultural confidence and more expectations of the future.

Zhang Ran Yi (a Grade-2021 student of School of Mathematics and Statistics) said: The program inspires me to have more pursuits during my four years in college. There is no standard answer to how to spend one’s four years in university. I hope that I can be bolder in my pursuit and will never regret my choices. As a student who entered the university not long ago, I have a deeper understanding of the significance of university education after watching the program. I will set higher learning goals, make better plans for my university life, and learn from others who are better than I.

Chen Ling (editor-in-chief of School Newspaper of Hubei University of Technology) said: Beautiful campus environment, diversified and colorful ethnic culture, high-spirited college students…… The documentary program "The Way of University" produced Hubei Media Group documented the growth of backbone students of SCMZU in the Backbone Students Training Camp, showcased the beauty of life, youth and ideals of students of various nationalities of SCMZU, and showed SCMZU’s sense of responsibility and mission in fostering students’ virtue through education. The Backbone Students Training Camp has played an exemplary role in students’ growth and provided frames of reference for other colleges and universities in ideological and political education.

Ren Pengfei (Counselor of Jingwen Academy, Suzhou University) said: As a member of the first Backbone Students Training Camp, I recalled my experiences in the camp when I saw the beautiful scenery of SCMZU and my familiar teachers and fellow students in the program, which are very vivid in my mind. The training camp is a warm family where the rules are strict, the friendship among its members is sincere. In the camp, we can benefit from the guidance from our respectable teachers and fellow students, and enrich ourselves with the profound cultural spirit. All previous SCMZU Festivals have become one of the important campus activities of SCMZU, and national unity has been continuously strengthened by the participation of students from various nationalities in the training campus and other campus activities. The abundant ideological and political courses and diverse cultural and sports activities have helped us apply what we have learnt to practice. SCMZU teaches us that all ethnic groups should know and respect each other, tolerate each other, and learn from and help each other. I am grateful to SCMZU because it helps me achieve personal growth, because the teachers of SCMZU take good care of me, because the friends I make in SCMZU accompanied me, and because I have had so many unforgettable memories and sincere and beautiful feelings in SCMZU, which are the wealth of my life.

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