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SCMZU became a demonstration center of mental health education

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Recently, the Education Department of Hubei Province announced the acceptance results of the third batch of demonstration centers of mental health education. The students' mental health education center of SCMZU passed the acceptance and was approved as one of the demonstration centers of mental health education in Hubei Province. It is reported that only seven colleges and universities in Hubei province have won this honor.

In 2013, the Student Mental Health Education Center of SCMZU was approved to become one of the first batch of mental health education centers in Hubei province. During the construction of the center, SCMZU strengthened the related systems and mechanisms in strict accordance with the construction requirements, strengthen the training of teachers, expand the area of the venue, improve the equipment and facilities, standardize the consulting service and improve the curriculum system. The approval shows that SCMZU has achieved a lot in its mental health education, and that the Provincial Educaton Department has fully acknowledged SCMZU’s mental health education for students.

The Party Committee of SCMZU has always attached great importance to students' mental health education. Adhering to the concept of "health first", SCMZU is dedicated to foster students’ virtue through mental health education in the whole process of students’ education and management. SCMZU has issued rules and regulations including "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening Mental Health Education" and "Implementation Measures for Standardized Construction of Mental Health Education", and built the mental health education system through the popularization of mental health knowledge through the “classroom-network” dual channels, the “counselor-class tutor-mental health tutor” team and the early warning and intervention of mental health problems at four levels of “university-college-class-dormitory”.

SCMZU will take this opportunity to continue to strengthen its mental health system building, study the new situation and new problems in mental health education, and combine mental health education with ideological and political education, to cultivate high-quality talents with all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor.

Editor: Liu Qiong; Source: Department of Students’Affairs

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