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Two Party branches of SCMZU included in the 3rd batch of Party construction demonstration units

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Two Party branches in the School of law and the School of Pharmacy succeeded on the lists of the 3rd batch of Party construction demonstration branches.

Party branch of law personnel experimental class in School of Law consists of 15 teachers and student. Taking system construction as an effective means and creating a service-oriented and innovative Party organization, the Party branch cultivated a batch of down-to-earth, capable and dedicated legal personnel at grass-roots level. The Party branch promoted political guidance and forged a strong sense of community for the Chinese nation by establishing a study center for ethnic minority Party members and a Party construction base with Hubei headquarters of armed police to learn from the hero Cai Zhenyun. Their achievements have been reported by Xinhua network and many other media. Nearly 2/3 of the branch members won honors at all levels, such as the national scholarships and national encouragement scholarships. Besides, the Party branch has successively won the first batch of Party construction demonstration branch and the advanced grass-roots level Party organization in SCMZU and in Hubei province.

Two Party branches of SCMZU included in the 3rd batch of Party construction demonstration units.  Photos provided by Organization Dept. of Party committee of  SCMZU

The Pharmacy Party branch currently has nine members, including three professors and four associate professors, most of whom have overseas study and work experience. Guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the Party branch firmly grasped seven powerful requirements in building model branches, deeply implemented the requirements of Party construction in the new era. Focusing on the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people and putting the lives and health of people first, the Party branch gave full play to the advantages of its members, promoted in-depth integration of Party construction and members’ specialty, and continued to improve the effectiveness of branch construction. In fighting against COVID-19 in 2020, branch members donated nearly 10,000 yuan and 150,000-yuan worth of anti-epidemic traditional Chinese medicine to  more than 10 countries, including Uzbekistan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Pakistan and Japan. They also made efforts in the clinical ethics approval of Ge Houshi Lingfang, Chinese herbal medicine, which was then included in the COVID-19 treatment plan and effectively used in Leishenshan Hospital. Furthermore, three teachers were selected into “National Huang Danian-style Teacher Team”, four succeeded in the talent plan at or above the provincial and ministerial levels, and many were awarded “Model Educator” and “Excellent Communist Party Member”. The Party branch itself was selected as the school Party construction model branch and the advanced Party branch.

Party committee of SCMZU has always attached great importance to the demonstration of Party construction and the strive for high quality in the new era. Political construction guided and grass-roots-level Party branch oriented, Party committee of SCMZU continues to deepen  standardized construction of Party branch, enhance its political function and organizational strength, improve the quality of Party construction so as to promote the comprehensive development of SCMZU.

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