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SCMZU Attended Press Conference of “Annual Report on Education Poverty Alleviation in China (2020-2021)” and Blue Book Kick-off Meeting of “China Education Development and Rural Revitalization Report”

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On March 26, the press conference of “ Annual Report on Education Poverty Alleviation in China (2020-2021)” and blue book kick-off meeting of “China Education Development and Rural Revitalization Report” were held in Beijing. Yang Qun, editor-in-chief of Social Sciences Academic Press (China), Si Shujie, former member of the party group of the National Rural Revitalization Administration, and Tang Min, counsellor of the State Council and vice chairman of Youchage Foundation of NRRA attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

 Representatives of SCMZU attended the meeting online, and vice president Duan Chao made a keynote speech.

A branch venue was set in the Center for Teacher Teaching and Learning o SCMZU. Heads of the Institute of Scientific Research and Development, the School of Education, the School of Computer Science and other units attended the meeting, as well as all members of the project team of SCMZU of “Policies and Practices of Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Hubei Province (2015-2020)”.

Duan made an online keynote speech on “ Supporting the Practice of Rural Revitalization in Hubei Colleges and Universities”. In the speech, he pointed out that SCMZU, as one of the earliest established universities for ethnic groups after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, has been centering on the task of fostering virtue through education, focusing on heightening a sense of identity of the Chinese nation, closely following school objective, giving full play to the advantages of personnel training, scientific research, think tanks, and has formed a three-dimensional university-local authorities cooperation pattern of the combination of the efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutions by exploring a new model of “collaborative innovation and two-way service”. SCMZU will continue to dock and serve the rural revitalization strategy with practical actions, empower it with high-quality education, and actively set up a “SCMZU Model” for education to serve rural revitalization.

It is reported that SCMZU gave full play to the technical advantages in biotechnology, traditional medicine of ethnic minorities, e-commerce, rice planting, energy utilization, soil management, etc. to promote the transformation of achievements, and effectively “wrote papers on the front line of economic and social development in ethnic minority areas”. In the past 5 years, SCMZU has been approved for important projects, such as “Research on Special Type of Poverty and Anti-Poverty in the Ethnic Minority Areas”, obtained 185 longitudinal research projects related to poverty alleviation work and 71.12 million yuan of contract funds, published 1,142 papers and 68 books. There were 95 awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level. 57 research reports have been adopted and approved by relevant departments at the provincial and ministerial levels, and 7 proposals have won the Hubei Provincial Government Political Consultation Award. Among them, SCMZU has obtained 5 major national projects and 56 general projects related to poverty alleviation and development in Wuling Mountain area of paired-up assistance, and the research results have received 22 provincial and ministerial awards. SCMZU has successively provided scientific and technological support for the high-quality development of designated poverty alleviation areas through technological development, consulting services, and achievement transfer, and the total amount of relevant agreements has exceeded 50 million yuan. SCMZU has recruited more than 10,000 students of all kinds in the Wuling Mountain area where the paired-up assistance is connected, held 45 training courses in which more than 3,000 professionals were trained, including cadres in poverty alleviation and ethnic affairs, thus promoted the transformation of poverty alleviation through education from “transfusion type” to “hematopoietic type”.

Edited: Liu Qiong; Source: Research & Development Office

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