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Spring job fairs to help graduates get employed

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To further promote the employment of graduates, South-Central Minzu University has collected resources in various channels and proactively keeps in touch with job market, well-known enterprises and institutions and local governments. Recently two medium-sized campus recruitment fairs were held, providing graduates with employment opportunities and services.

    Recruitment site    photo by Zhong Wenyong

On April 26, a recruitment fair was held with 45 enterprises and institutions participating, including China First Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd, Shenglong Electric, Lanbao Fuse, Wuhan EasyDiagnosis Biomedicine Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Longquan Recruitment Bureau. The recruitment fair provided 400 posts with more than 3,000 vacancies. 2,000 resumes were submitted by over 700 graduates.

On April 29, another recruitment fair was held in the stadium square. More than 48 companies attended, including Jinpai Company, Yichang Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Morimatsu Group (Shanghai), HEC Pharmaceutical Industry, Dongfeng Design Institute Co., Ltd. The fair was held online and offline simultaneously, providing more than 300 jobs which required over 2,000 employees in the fields of computers, pharmaceuticals, management, education, automation and sales. The graduates submitted 2,500 resumes online and offline. In addition, a self-service resume delivery booth was set up for seven enterprises unable to physically participate in the fair due to the pandemic.

Recruitment fairs were well-received among the graduates, many of whom have submitted resumes to and consulted their favorite companies. “The school has held offline recruitment fairs and provided opportunities for graduates under the grim employment circumstances. I consulted two companies, hoping to land a suitable job as soon as possible”, said an Automation graduate.

“Graduates concern more with position requirements, working environment and location, and especially with the job match”, said the head of Shenglong Electric. He spoke highly of graduates of SCMZU and suggested that students should strengthen their comprehensive quality, good communication skills included, while mastering professional knowledge.

Source from Department of Recruitment and Employment

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