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PE School Volunteer Program Selected as a National-level Project

author:Zheng Zhong Time:Jul 8, 2022 page views:

At the end of June, organized by School of Physical Education of SCMZU and recommended by Hubei Administration of Sports, Promoting Traditional Sports into Schools Volunteering Projects was selected as the State General Administration of Sport (GAS) 2021 National Fitness Volunteer Project.

Collaborated with Hongshan district university town, this project was launched in Sept. 2019 and now covers nearly 20 primary and secondary schools and the SCMZU community, serving thousands of people. The project not only implements the national “double reduction” policy but also fosters a strong sense of community for the Chinese nation, which not only enables primary and secondary school students and the masses to exercise and enjoy their body and mind, but also enables them to appreciate the Chinese culture.

Students from School of Physical Education, who have once participated in the World Fancy Skip Rope Competition, and National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities in martial arts, shuttlecock, dart crossbow, etc., travel to schools, communities, and rural areas as trainers and teachers. They lead the local citizens to walk outdoors and feel the joy of sports.

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