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Rope Skipping Team of SCMZU Pocket the Gold and Silver Medals in the National Rope Skipping League

author:Zou Siyu Time:Aug 29, 2022 page views:

On August 10th, the 2022 National Rope Skipping League was virtually launched, which was hosted by the General Administration of Sports of China and China Rope Skipping Association. 109 teams with more than 800 contestants got involved in 6 major events and 12 competition items, coming from Shanghai University of Sport, Southwest University, Shenzhen University and other universities. The rope skipping team in SCMZU performed well in the competition, finishing first in two events, second in two events and third in one event.

Led by Hao Jiachun, the president of the School of Physical Education, and with Sun Guilong as the head coach, 13 players of our rope skipping team participated in seven events. Contestants Xiong Jinshu, Chen Zhongwen, Zou Siyu, Zhou Xun, Liao Xin, Luo Heng, Xia Jia, Xia Qing, Zheng Youheng and Feng Qiyano performed well and won the first place in two group events. Moreover, Mr. Sun Guilong won the second place in two individual competitions.

Contestants from SCMZU in the group competition

Photo provided by School of Physical Education

Mr. Sun in the individual competiton

Photo shot by Zheng Youheng

Award list of SCMZU:

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