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Students Achieve Excellent Results in the 2022 Hubei Undergraduates Electronic Design Contest

author:Lei Jing;Yang Haowen Time:Sep 9, 2022 page views:

In summer vacation, 35 teams from SCMZU participated in the 2022 Hubei Undergraduates Electronic Design Contests (TI Cup), of which 33 teams were awarded four special prizes, four first prizes, 14 second prizes and 11 third prizes.

             Winner list of the contest from SCMZU

A total of 621 teams from 55 universities participated in the contest, which was monitored throughout electronically due to the pandemic for the first time. All contestants have to complete the design, production and debugging of their works within four days and three nights, with an aim to improve students’ ability to solve engineering problems with their professional knowledge, enhance their communication and collaboration skills, as well as cultivate their psychological quality to deal with difficulties and setbacks.

SCMZU has been focusing on this contest as a brand event. Tasks were carried out in an orderly manner by the Schools of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, together with the Center for Experimental Teaching and Engineering Training, the School of Telecommunications, the School of Computer Science, and the School of Biomedical Sciences, including event arrangement and mobilization, contestant training and selection, technical and logistical support, etc.

Great importance has been attached to the cultivation of students’ practical ability and innovation spirit by vigorously carrying out extracurricular activities and  encouraging students to participate in high-level academic competitions. In the School of Telecommunications, for an example, a perfect cultivating system was formulated by building a laboratory with excellent facilities and qualified faculty teams, developing a systematic innovation training system, holding regular professional training, etc., to encourage students to apply what they have learned in class into practice.

It is reported that, the National Undergraduates Electronic Design Contest, co-hosted by the Ministry of Education of the PRC and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC, is one of the highest-level academic contests in China. Established in 1994, it is held every two years at the provincial and national levels alternately, and becomes the most popular academic contest with the largest number of participants.

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