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Online Cambodia Chinese language Volunteer Teaching

author:Shao Xiaoming Time:Sep 26, 2022 page views:

To further promote international Chinese language education, SCMZU has undertaken a four-month online Chinese teaching program in Cambodia sponsored by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC), and completed it in early September.

The aims of this project are to provide Chinese language training in Cambodia and develop Cambodian Chinese language talents. In April, 25 graduate students from the School of Arts and Communication, the School of Education, and the School of Foreign Languages were selected to provide over 6,800 classes to more than 300 Cambodian students, who came from three Chinese language education institutions in Cambodia, including the Royal University of Cambodia Phnom Penh, Pui Seng School, and Chinese School. The Chinese teachers provided high-quality courses to the Cambodian students, including an Overview of China, Chinese Traditional Culture, Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Writing, Chinese Reading, and HSK Intermediate.

The Cambodian students said their Chinese language skills and understanding towards Chinese culture have been greatly improved with the patience of the Chinese teachers. The project manager said that online Chinese teaching responds to the urgent needs of overseas Chinese learning under the pandemic, and is thus welcomed by various countries. The project not only enriches the teaching experience of the students in SCMZU, but establish a good platform for cultural exchanges between the youth of the two countries.

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