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SCMZU New Youth Global Competency Experimental Class held a Patriotic themed meeting

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To celebrate the 20th National Congress of the CPC and the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the PRC, the New Youth Global Competency Experimental Class held a patriotic themed class meeting on September 28th in the Academic Exchange Center. Wu Kaisong, Dean of the School of Public Administration, presided over the class meeting. It was attended by Du Dongyun, the Vice President, heads of the Department of Student Affairs, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Academic Affairs Office, School of Public Administration and class instructors.

The patriotic themed class meeting  photo by Shi Xinyu

Established by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education of PRC, the New Youth Global Competency Talents Plan is aimed to innovate the talent training mode and speed up the nurturing of high-level international talents with global vision, international communication ability and core competitiveness. A total of 59 colleges and universities in China were selected in the first batch, including SCMZU.

In April, the program, implemented by the Academic Affairs Office, the Department of Student Affairs, the School of International Education, the School of Public Administration, etc., selected 40 students with good English language skills and willingness to broaden international vision among all freshmen, sophomores and first-year graduate students. The program lasts an academic year, providing classes, lectures and practical activities at home and abroad for the students. Activities like English corner, document translation, and internships in government sectors and enterprises are also included.

 At the class meeting, Du Dongyun made a speech, hoping that with excellent teachers and extensive international exchange resources, the program would help SCMZU cultivate international talents, improve curriculum system, and enhance international cooperation. He also hoped that students’ core competitiveness could be increased in this project so that they can participate in global governance with international vision and patriotism. Du concluded his speech by urging the students to   study hard, broaden horizons and explore to innovate so as to better serve their country.

Wu Kaisong summarized the work of the past semester, followed by the students’ self introduction and experience sharing from various aspects. Questions concerning future work, talents cultivation, resources allocation have also been discussed in the meeting.

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