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SCMZU Welcomes New Students

author:Lei Jing;Yang Haowen Time:Sep 5, 2022 page views:

“Attracted by the beautiful campus environment, we choose to study at SCMZU in the next four years.” Huang Songlin and Hu Songyao, freshman twins from the School of Public Administration, said in the interview. The two sisters were admitted to the same major in SCMZU and finished the registration accompanied by their family. 8,539 new students enrolled from September 3 to 4, 2022.

The twins Huang Songlin and Hu Songyao enrolled   photo by Lei Jing

“My parents were very supportive when they knew I was admitted to SCMZU, and my mom sew me an ethnic costume as a gift.” said Kuang Rong, a girl from the Drung ethnic minority who is going to study at the School of Arts and Communication. She added that the University is as warm as home. Hu Angui from the School of Law, a boy of De’ang Nationality, expressed his expectation of “making friends from all ethnic groups in SCMZU”.

A free airport or train station pickup service is offered to freshmen, and volunteers lead them to enroll and to their dormitories. “I am very grateful for the thoughtful arrangement, which made it convenient for me as a newcomer.” Xuan Delin, a new student in the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, gave the thumbs up to the school’s service.

Volunteers are serving freshmen   photo by Liu Hong

   Free pickup service to freshmen    photo by Liu Hong

Hou Wenwen, a volunteer from the School of Arts and Communication, has provided service to freshmen since summer vacation. “Although the work is tedious, I find it very meaningful and fulfilling to help the students through my efforts,” she said. “Besides the volunteers, class tutors were also arranged to meet new students to make them feel at home. In the next four years, I hope I can grow up with my students.” said Xiang Hong, a class tutor at the School of Telecommunications.

A shirt with the university logo was given to each student as a gift. “It was a surprise to receive such a memorable gift,” said Chen Zhibin, a new student in the School of Ethnology and Sociology, “ and the online registration greatly simplified my first day procedure here”.

Sterilizing the luggage   photo by Liu Hong

It is reported that a “green channel” was opened for the freshmen with financial difficulties. Financial assistance measures include distributing goodie bags, providing part-time jobs and special subsidies, etc. to ensure that no student to be allowed to drop out due to financial difficulties.

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