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Heading to the Stars, Ready to Go Far: 8558 Freshmen Attended “The First Class”

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On the morning of September 17, the opening ceremony for the 8558 freshmen was held in the South Lake Center Stadium, where together they loudly belt out My Motherland and Me. “China catches my heart and no one can break us apart...”, the beautiful and touching singing fully conveyed their expectation to set out on a new journey. Hosted by Vice President Du Dongyun, the opening ceremony was also attended by the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, heads of relevant functional departments and directors in charge of students’ work.

At the beginning of the ceremony, freshmen were arrayed on the stadium in a formation of the school motto “Tenacious of Purpose and Fond of Learning, Respectful of Diversity and Benevolent in Virtue”, and vowed to build a powerful China. The flag raising ceremony began afterwards, when the crowd rose as one and sang the national anthem facing the national flag.

Freshmen array in a formation of the school motto “Tenacious of Purpose and Fond of Learning, Respectful of Diversity and Benevolent in Virtue”.

Photo provided by Li Hanchi

Freshmen vow to build a powerful China. Photo provided by Jiang Lijiao

“Though it has been 20 years since my first day of school, I can still remember it as if it were yesterday. Warmth overwhelmed me as I saw myself reflected in you. Thank you for leaving your best years to SCMZU”, Wan Liyong, staff representative from the School of Education, shared his university life in SCMZU with the freshmen and sent his best wishes of “growing up with gratitude” to them.

Wan Liyong shares his university life in SCMZU.

Photo provided by Sun Hanlin

Li Jibai, student representative from the School of Resources and Environment shared her “three questions” for the youth, which are how to strive for excellence, how to be firm in faith, and how to stay true to the original aspiration. She urged the freshmen to study diligently, broaden future-oriented vision and enhance the ability to adapt to the changing world in the future. One brick at a time, steadily put in place the building blocks of success.

Li Jibai shares her three questions for youth. Photo provided by Sun Hanlin

“With aspirations for a better future, I came here, to the heroic city and to this beautiful campus”, He Jirun, representative of freshmen from the School of Literature, expressed his expectation for college life, “here to the future, I would like to press ahead hand in hand, and shoulder to shoulder with all SCMZUers”.

Representative of freshmen speaking. Photo provided by Sun Hanlin

As Bian Jing, the Secretary of SCMZU Party Committee, put on the school badge for He Jirun, together all the freshmen pinned the school badge on their shirts, which is a symbol of mission and glory for all the new SCMZUers.

The Secretary of the Party Committee putting on the school badge for the student representative. Photo provided by Chen Zhangchi

Song Fajun, vice secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the university, announced Recipients of National Scholarship for the Academic Year 2020-2021, and Advanced Individuals of Student Innovation and Technology Activities for the Year 2021, with the expectation that all students would study hard following the the honored students. The Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the university presented awards to the students representatives.

Li Jinlin, president of SCMZU delivered the first class to the freshmen with the topic of Heading to the Stars, Ready to Go Far: Striving to be a Model Youth. Having extended warm welcome to all the freshmen, Li Jinlin urged them to become more proud and confident in forging ahead determinedly. He hoped that all freshmen, bearing in mind President Xi’s wishes and expectations, strive to be models of the new era and shoulder the mission of national rejuvenation.  

Li Jinlin delivers a welcome speech to freshmen.

Photo provided by Sun Hanlin

“With sparks in your heart, your footsteps will be strong and powerful; with faith in your heart, your ship of youth will brave the winds and waves”, Li Jinlin’s words won warm applause from the students.

Freshmen in the opening ceremony. Photo provided by Bao Junxiao

“I was not able to get to school on time because of the pandemic, so it is very lucky for me to attend the opening ceremony today to see such a spectacular scene and feel the cheerful vibe. I am so proud to be a new SCMZUer”, Ma Haobo, a freshman from the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, said excitedly. “I was deeply touched by the speech, and I will learn from them to enrich myself in SCMZU”, said Wang Keran, a freshman from the School of Literature.

All the freshmen stood up again and sang the university anthem to conclude the opening ceremony.

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