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SCMZU Women’s Soccer Team Defended Champion in Hubei Provincial Games

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On September 29, the final match of the 16th Hubei Provincial Games Youth Sports Category (College Group) and the 13th Hubei College Students Games Football Tournament (Women’s Group A) was held in Wuhan Sanzhen Football Base. Women’s soccer team successfully defended its crowns by beating the team of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

In the final match, SCMZU women’s soccer team forced a 1:1 drew with the other team despite the absence of many key players, and shut it down by 4:2 in the penalty shootout. In the previous group stage, SCMZU women’s soccer team had beaten Wenhua College Team by 7:0 to complete a clean sweep, then faced off against Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Team in a 4:1 win, followed by another 2:1 win against the Wuhan University team in the semi-final.

SZMZU women’s soccer team was formed in 2016, composed of 37 players from 12 different colleges across the university. Since the history of the team, it has successfully won three championships of the Hubei National Youth Football League Women’s Campus Group in 2017, 2018 and 2019 consecutively. After the crown in the 15th Hubei Provincial Games Youth Sports Category (College Group) and the 12th Hubei University Games (Women’s Group A) in 2018, unstoppable, the SCMZU women’s soccer team has been writing its history by claiming the gold again.

SCMZU team in the competition. Photo provided by Zhou Yuxuan

Group photo   provided by Zhou Yuxuan

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