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Academician of CAS Yao Jianquan Joined SCMZU

author:Xiang Hong, Yang Jie, Hu Yajun Time:Nov 10, 2022 page views:

On the morning of November 8, the appointment ceremony of Yao Jianquan, academician of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Professor of Tianjin University, was held in the Academic Exchange Center. Invited as the strategic scientist of innovation development and honorary Dean of the School of Advanced Computing and Intelligent Optoelectronic Industry of SCMZU, Yao Jianquan attended the meeting online, while the key members of his Wuhan team, Ling Furi and Guo Lianbo from Wuhan National Research Center for Optoelectronics of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, President Li Jinlin, the heads of relevant functional departments together with the representatives of teachers and students attended the meeting offline. The appointment ceremony was hosted by Song Fajun.

On behalf of SCMZU, Li Jinlin extended his sincere welcome to Yao Jianquan and gratitude for his team that had always been supporting SCMZU in many aspects. After a brief introduction of SCMZU and its recent achievements, he said that he believed Yao Jianquan would make it to greatly enhance the teaching and research level of various subjects, and foster further progress in discipline construction, talent training and scientific research. He asked all relevant units to provide Yao with sufficient service and guarantee. He also urged that the schools, taking Yao’s joining as as an opportunity, strengthen talent introduction, resource integration and refine discipline characteristics to contribute the construction of SCMZU into a first-class and high-level modern comprehensive university.

As Song Fajun read out the appointment decision, Li Jinlin awarded the letter of appointment for Yao Jianquan online, for which Ling Furi was entrusted by the academician to receive on his behalf.

Appointment ceremony. Photo provided by Cai Xingchao

Yao Jianquan expressed that he was so pleased to keep the cooperation with SCMZU and support its discipline construction and professional construction. After the ceremony, Yao gave an academic lecture, hosted by Yang Chunyong, Dean of the School of Telecommunications.

Yao Jianquan delivers a speech. Photo provided by Cai Xingchao

In the lecture, Yao Jianquan, themed on "Innovation for a Better Future", shared with the audience his study, research experience and current research focus. He analyzed ten trends of the world's scientific and technological development and suggested SCMZU strengthen the introduction and training of leading teams, focus on multidisciplinary integration and crossover, combine basic research and practical technology, and further promote talent training and scientific research innovation. At the end of the report, Yao encouraged students and teachers, with the story of Yan Ning, to make their own efforts to advance the scientific and technological progress of the motherland and of the world.

After the lecture, Yao thoughtfully answered all the questions students and teachers raised, who placed high expectations on his joining that promote the construction of academic disciplines, scientific research and talent training of SCMZU.

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