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SCMZU Invited She Yuanbin from the Academy of Europe as a Chair Professor

author:Luo Jingjing, Wei Qianqian and Nie Yangmei Time:Nov 19, 2022 page views:

On the morning of November 17, the appointment ceremony of She Yuanbin, an academician of the Academy of Europe, was held in the Academic Exchange Center. It was hosted by Song Fajun and attended by President Li Jinlin, heads of relevant functional departments and other units together with teachers and students representatives.

On behalf of SCMZU, Li Jinlin welcomed She Yuanbin by presenting the appointment letter to him and expressed his gratitude for his support in talent training, discipline construction and project declaration. After a detailed introduction to SCMZU’s recent achievements in teaching and scientific research, especially of the School of Pharmacy, Li Jinlin said he believed that She Yuanbin would certainly give a strong boost to the construction and development of Pharmacy and other related disciplines, and strongly enhance the quality of talent training and scientific research of the school with his rich experience, remarkable achievements, strong academic influence and abundant academic resources. He asked all relevant units, especially the School of Pharmacy, to provide She Yuanbin with service and guarantee, and strive to make a breakthrough in the next round of doctoral program application under the guidance of professor She.

Li Jinlin awards the appointment letterto She Yuanbin. Photo by Wang Shuwei

She Yuanbin introduced his work plan and claimed that he would support the development and construction of SCMZU in various aspects, covering award declaration, discipline construction, scientific research and social services.

After the ceremony, She Yuanbin gave an academic report on the topic of "New Trends in National Projects in 2022 and Suggestions and Response Strategies for Application", which was hosted by Fu Haiyan, Dean of the School of Pharmacy. Professor She thoughtfully responded to all the questions students and teachers asked after the report.

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