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SCMZU Pocketed the Grand Prize of the National Student Entrepreneurship Simulation Competition

author:Liao Xiaomei; Wang Lei Time:Nov 23, 2022 page views:

On November 5, the 9th "Learning & Innovation Cup" National Student Entrepreneurship Simulation Competition came to a close, with the results unfolded on November 18. Five grand prizes have been set for the undergraduate group, among which SCMZU was the only one among the Hubei universities who earned one of it, refreshing the best performances of SCMZU in the national competition of "Learning & Innovation Cup".

Since the 9th "Learning & Innovation Cup" was launched in January, the team cultivation and school-level selection in SCMZU have been carried out under the coordination of the School of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation, involving the School of Management, School of Economics, School of Public Administration and other related schools, and finally selected out 6 teams for the Hubei Provincial Competition. Hard work paid off that the contestants reaped benefits in the competition by gaining one provincial grand prize, one first prize and three second prizes after rounds of practice with the guidance of instructors. Among them, the team consisting of Mo Shanshan and Bao Zhiyang from School of Economics and Li Xiaoyu from School of Management won the special prize in Hubei Province as the first place in the group stage, and successfully advanced to the national finals.

Before the national finals, a two-month strategy simulation practice and post-competition data analysis had been carried out by the instructors. It was all worthwhile in the end that the team managed to handle the challenges in a calm manner and won the Grand Prize in the national finals, standing head and shoulders above another 70 strong competitors.

Jointly sponsored by the Economics and Management Subject Group of the National Demonstration Center for Experimental Education and the China Society for Taoxingzhi Study, the National Student Entrepreneurship Simulation Competition is one of the top ranking events of the competition for university students.

The awards SCMZU received:

Online Competition. Photo provided by the School of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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