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SCMZU Ethnology Museum Awarded the 2021-2025 National Science Education Base

author:Wang Yuanyuan, Lan Lidan Time:Dec 28, 2022 page views:

On November 29, China Association for Science and Technology(CAST)  announced the “List of the First Batch of Supplementary National Science Education Bases for 2021-2025”, which supplemented 474 units. Among them, 18 units in Hubei Province were selected, including SCMZU Ethnology Museum.

As the first ethnic professional museum in China, SCMZU Ethnology Museum gained a number of reputations, including the first batch of Youth Science and Technology Education Bases in Wuhan, China National Science Education Base (2015-2019), Hubei Science Education Base (2019-2023), Wuhan Science Education Base (2019-2023), Wuhan Science Education Base (2021-2025), China National Grade III Museum, National Education Base for National Unity and Progress, etc.

With the goal of promoting Chinese culture, SCMZU Ethnology Museum has adopted a combination of online and offline forms to carry out a variety of science and technology volunteer services. Offline, it brings knowledge of ethnic culture and practical skill to schools and communities, such as Hongqi Village Primary School, Zhangjiawan Middle School and Hongshan Road Community. Frequently participated various science popularizing activities, SCMZU Ethnology Museum enjoys great popularity among people. While online science education provides the public with opportunities to appreciate the traditional technological and cultural heritage without stepping out of doors.

SCMZU Ethnology Museum in the launching ceremony of the National Science Education Day in Hubei Province, 2022

SCMZU Ethnology Museum in the tie-dye experience activity in 2021

Photo provided by the SCMZU Ethnology Museum

SCMZU Ethnology Museum volunteer service activities have reaped fruitful results. In 2021, “Hand in Hand — Traditional Tie-Dyeing Techniques of Ethnic Minorities” was awarded as the “Top Ten Study Courses” of Hubei Provincial Culture and Museum System; the science reading book Little Dyehouse was awarded as “Wuhan 2021 excellent science work”. The science and technology volunteers won the first prize in the National Science Education Illustration Competition and the title of “Top Ten National Science Messengers”, and participated in the “Science Education Aid to Tibet” organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The team gained high reputation by winning more than 50 prizes in municipal, provincial, and national popular science illustration competitions, and bronze medal in the 6th Hubei Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition in 2022, whose members were awarded as excellent volunteers in Hubei Province. The science and technology volunteer service project “Chinese Traditional Culture — Hand Tie-Dyeing into the Grassroots” was awarded as the advanced model of “Science and Technology Volunteer Service Project” by the CAST in 2022.

With its volunteer services warming the hearts of the people, SCMZU Ethnology Museum has given full play to the function of educating people with Chinese traditional culture, whose deeds have been reported by Hubei Daily,, and other media, playing an exemplary role in social development.

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