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SCMZUers Held Public Welfare Activities in Badong County

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The “Happy vacation, Along with welfare” public welfare activity, jointly initiated by SCMZU and Lenovo Group, was launched on December 22, 2022 in SCMZU.

This session, sponsored by Lenovo Group, SCMZU, Badong Golden Monkey National Nature Reserve, Yanduhe Township Government of Badong County and Hubei Daily, was held in Duizichang Primary School of Yanduhe town, Badong county, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. SCMZUers sent warmth and brightness to the left-behind children and financially-aided families with their professional knowledge.

On January 5, 2023, a multi-ethnic volunteer team and a science popularization team, led by Qin Rui, director of the Scientific Development Institute of SCMZU, headed for Duizichang Primary School in Badong county.

In the evening, the volunteer team set off fireworks together with the children, lighting up every smiling face and warming the winter cold air.

The next morning, SCMZU team, together with director Liu of Duizichang Primary School, drew pictures and jumped rope with the local left-behind children during the visit. They also donated Lenovo Snowman, an intelligent camera, to them so that their migrant parents could monitor and communicate with them anytime and anywhere.

In the afternoon, a public welfare class was held in Duizichang community, in which science on golden monkeys was popularized to the children by Qian Caidong, Director of Badong Golden Monkey National Nature Reserve Administration. “The activity would broaden the local children’s horizon and enrich their knowledge of science, flora and fauna, folk culture in Badong area, and raise their awareness of cultural heritage and ecological protection.” said Director Qin.

Government officials of Yanduhe Township, Badong County expressed their gratitude to SCMZU for its support, which enables the primary students to spend a meaningful holiday, benefiting them both physically and mentally. They also hope the public welfare would appeal to more young men to pass down the kindness.  

Wu Huifan, General Manager of Lenovo Group Hubei Region, said that Lenovo’s vision of social welfare was not limited to financial donations, but actively engaged in quality education support activities for rural children. The significance of the public welfare activity was also in the effort to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

The public welfare activity has always been carried out with the purpose of “leading college students to take up their own responsibilities and provide warmth and help to children in need”. In this special winter activity in Badong county, the science popularization team enriched rural children’s natural knowledge and spatial imagination and stimulated their interest in learning by providing easy-to-understand flora and fauna science courses.

Volunteers and the primary students sang and danced together around the bonfire, bathed in happiness, with the laughter echoing in the air.

Before leaving, the volunteers handed the children the New Year’s gift package, making them feel happy and warm in cold winter.

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