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A New Semester Starts, Welcome Back!

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Approaching the new semester, all units of SCMZU have been carefully making preparations to welcome the students and teachers back with fine live experience and more efficient learning environment, .

For a healthy and clean environment, SCMZU has carried out safety hazard investigation of all facilities and equipment and a full range of campus cleaning and disinfection, including the library, gymnasium, auditorium, academic hall, concert hall, dormitory building common area (the Future City Science and Technology Park Campus is included) and other venues. With the joint efforts of all units, the facilities have been timely updated, including the renovation of water and electricity, campus beautification, supply of materials, environmental improvement, and maintenance of venue.  

Preparation under way. Photo provided by all units

Recently, the renovation of “Health Station” has been successfully completed in consideration of the health of students and faculty, with bedding, daily necessities and cleaning supplies organized in sets. The adjustment of the new semester teaching plan, schedule arrangement, and preparation for textbook distribution have been co-completed along with the orientation workflow of the School of International Education, welcoming the exchange students.

To ensure a safe and orderly return, all schools actively made full preparations for the new school year, which includes plans according to students’ health information statistics and vaccination status, online safety education and announcement of latest arrangements.

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