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Professor Xie Qinlan was Selected as 2022 “Excellent Teacher of Hubei”

author:Li Xianjun Time:Mar 15, 2023 page views:

At the end of February, the Office of CPC Hubei Provincial Committee Leading Group of Talent Affairs, Department of Education of Hubei Provence jointly released the list of “Hubei Excellent Teacher Studio”. Xie Qinlan, professor of the Biomedical Engineering of SCMZU, was selected as the host for the Studio and awarded the title of “Excellent Teacher of Hubei”.

Prof. Xie is the director of national first-class specialty, Hubei Provincial signature specialty, Hubei Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center, Hubei Provincial Teaching Team and the Hubei Graduate Studio. He is also a member of Standing Committee of Medical Engineering and Informatics under CPAM, a member of the Clinical Engineering Professional Committee of China Association of Medical Equipment, the executive director of Hubei Intelligent Medical Association, a member of the Medical Engineering Branch of Hubei Medical Association, and also an expert in the evaluation of science and technology plan projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Prof. Xie has been striving to fulfill the mission of “all-round education” and devoting himself to talent cultivating, teaching and researching. He has completed 13 provincial and ministerial projects, chiefly edited three textbooks for undergraduates. Moreover, He has been awarded with the first prize of teaching achievements of the National Ethnic Affairs Commission and the second prize of teaching achievements of Hubei Province; the courses and two virtual simulation experimental projects guided by him were also selected as the first-class curriculum of Hubei Province.

Prof. Xie has been keeping up with the frontiers of the discipline, conducting scientific research in intelligent medicine and instruments. The achievements he has achieved include 15 scientific research projects at provincial and ministerial level and industry-university-research projects, 80 scientific research papers and six invention patents in various fields including biomedical testing technology and instruments, medical image processing and intelligent medical engineering, etc.

Prof. Xie is committed to the cultivation of young teachers and the development of students, striving to be a good scholar and motor. He has guided students in National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program and won more than 50 awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level; helped more than 10 students with difficulties to graduate successfully, and was honored with the title of Advanced Individual of “All-round Education”. Moreover, Prof. Xie has also directed three young teachers with awards in teaching competitions for four times.

Professor Xie said that he will keep the sacred mission of “educating people for the Party and cultivating talents for the country” in mind. Holding such belief, he will reform and innovate bravely to promote the construction of high-quality teaching resources and improve the quality of talent training by leading the studio members to  give full play to the demonstration, guidance and radiation role of the studio.

Edited by Liu Qiong;Reviewed by Pan Wenjun

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