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SCMZU Held a Job Fair for Graduates from Class of 2023

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On March 18, a job fair for graduates from class of 2023, jointly organized by SCMZU and the Department of Education of Hubei Province, was held on campus. Shao Zhiyong, the director of Marketing Department of Hubei Graduate Employment Guidance Service Center, together with Du Dongyun, the vice president of SCMZU, Director of Admission and Employment Department of SCMZU, and the counselors of graduating classes have all came to the fair to understand the demand of employers and give guidance to the students for job application.

Scene of the job fair. Photo provided by Wu Lingxiao

In the main venue of the gymnasium, 170 enterprises and institutions has attended, including China City Environment Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., China 15th Metallurgical Construction Group Co., Ltd., China National Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., China Railway Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd., China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd., CCCC First Highway Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China Resources Vanguard Co., Ltd., Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Chongzuo City, China Yangtze Shipping Co., Ltd., Shenglong Electric, Zihuang Digital, Ningbo Bank, etc., providing 677 positions with 6582 vacancies, covering management trainee, college counselor, technician, electromechanical engineer, market manager, data engineer, development engineer, etc. Meanwhile, a job fair for IT graduates was held at the square of Art Museum, where 76 enterprises provided 2189 vacancies including optoelectronics, artificial intelligence, big data, new energy, etc.

Shao Zhiyong gave affirmation to the SCMZU’s organization of campus recruitment and expressed willingness to build a provincial platform for school’s corporation with the enterprises and government, thus making joint efforts to promote high-quality employment for the graduates.

Students communicate with the recruiters. Photo provided by Wu Lingxiao

More than 3500 students come to the gymnasium with 4651 resumes delivered. “I saw the recruitment information at the beginning of this semester and prepared in advanced. Considering factors like the workplace and development prospect, I have submitted resumes to five enterprises, and made an initial agreement with three of them.” said by Pan, a student from the School of Economics, confidently. Apart from the graduates, students from non-graduation classes have attended the job fair to learn about requirements and internship of enterprises. The job fair was highly recognized by the enterprises. Recruiters from Marketing Force said they have received more than 30 resumes and felt the passion and vitality from the SCMZUers.

Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Wuchang District and Chongzuo Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security were invited to the job fair. The former has organized 75 enterprises, and the later has invited 93 enterprises and institutions to recruit graduates. They have received 60 resumes, made an initial agreement with 21 graduates, and signed employment contract with six graduates.

Du Dongyun went to the recruitment booth to learn more about the needs of employers and introduced typical social feedback of the graduates. The graduates from SCMZU were commented by the enterprises with solid professional knowledge, good practical ability and high career loyalty. He also suggested that students establish a correct outlook of employment, success and career, and combine their own conditions with social needs to be employed as early as possible. Besides, Du Dongyun asked the relevant departments to promote employment of the graduates by visiting enterprises, organizing campus recruitment and conducting employment education.

The scene of “resume clinic”. Photo provided by Wu Lingxiao

A “resume clinic” was set up at the job fair, which was consisted of two off-campus experts of human resources and three employment guidance teachers of SCMZU. More than 200 students have received guidance on site.

Edited by Liu Qiong;Reviewed by Pan Wenjun

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