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SCMZU Won the Grand Prize of Hubei Teaching Achievement Award and Basic Education Teaching Achievement Award For the First Time

author:Song Rong Time:Mar 23, 2023 page views:

Recently, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Hubei Province and Department of Education of Hubei Province issued the Hubei Provincial Teaching Achievement Award. 17 achievements of SCMZU were awarded, including one grand prize, five first prizes, four second prizes and seven third prizes. It is the first time for SCMZU to win the grand prize in Hubei Teaching Achievement Award and Basic Education Teaching Achievement Award, making a new breakthrough.

In recent years, SCMZU has attached great importance to the cultivation of talents, forging the sense of community for the Chinese nation as the focus and comprehensively fostering virtue through education; strengthened curriculum ideology and politics in the construction of specialty and curriculum, focusing on the teaching requirements of “four services”; promoted reform of teaching including the constant innovation of talents cultivation and teaching methods. During this process, a number of achievements with distinctive features and outstanding effectiveness of education has been produced. In the current circle of application for Teaching Achievement Awards, the school paid attention to the cultivation and selection of achievements, planed and coordinated in advance and carried forward as a whole. Each school carefully summarized the achievements and experiences of talent cultivation, constantly modified the application materials to present the teaching achievements comprehensively and precisely.

Hubei Provincial Teaching Achievement Award is granted every four years, which is a display of the achievements of talent cultivation and teaching reform. It is reported that 48 grand prizes, 152 first prizes, 200 second prizes and 200 third prizes have been selected in the Ninth Hubei University Teaching Achievement Award. While 13 special awards, 51 first prizes and 58 second prizes have been selected in the Basic Education Teaching Achievement Award. The subsequent Hubei University Teaching Achievement Award will be granted every two years.  

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