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SCMUers Win First Prize at the 8th National College Students’ Competition in Life Sciences

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SCMU has achieved outstanding success in the 8th National College Students’ Competition in Life Sciences, securing a total of 17 awards including one first prize, two second prizes, and 14 third prizes.

This prestigious competition, divided into Scientific Inquiry and Innovation and Entrepreneurship tracks, aims to foster creativity, practical skills, and team spirit among college students. It focuses on expanding scientific horizons, enhancing social responsibility, and promoting educational reform in life sciences.

In this year’s event, SCMU was represented by 63 teams across both tracks. In the Scientific Inquiry track, two of these teams excelled in the Hubei Provincial College Students’ Biological Experiment Skills Contest (2023), progressing to the national finals and ranking first and third in the province. The School of Life Sciences’ project, led by Professor Cheng Gang, titled “Study on the Endogenous IAA Synthesis Pathway and Enzymatic Characteristics of the Rice Blast Fungus,” won the national first prize. The School of Pharmacy, under Professor Chen Heping’s guidance, achieved the second prize with the project “Research on the Heterologous High-Efficiency Preparation Method of the Vasoactive Sesquiterpene Precursor Compound Tremulenediol A.”

In the Innovation and Entrepreneurship track, the 20 teams from SCMU, including 14 from the School of Life Sciences and six from the School of Pharmacy, demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill, winning one national second prize and five third prizes. This achievement further solidified SCMU’s reputation for excellence, as evidenced by receiving the National Excellent Organization Prize in the competition.

Representatives of the first-prize winning team at the award ceremony

  Photo provided by the School of Life Sciences

SCMU’s Award at the 8th National College Students’ Competition in Life Sciences

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