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Professor Lei Yu’s Team Clinches Bronze at the Inaugural Wuhan Cultural and Creative Design Contest

author:Wang Shiyi Time:Sep 8, 2023 page views:

The inaugural Wuhan Cultural and Creative Design Contest, held under the auspices of the Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC, Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, announced its final awards on September 17th. Marking a significant achievement, the team from the School of Fine Arts, led by Professor Lei Yu, won the bronze prize. Their entry, “Seasoned Wuhan · Wuhan Gift Creative Seasoning Set Design,” stood out in the competition. This achievement is the third national recognition for Professor Lei Yu’s team in the past three years, significantly raising the School of Fine Arts' profile in China's cultural and creative design landscape.

The journey to success was a collaborative effort. Professor Lei Yu worked closely with Xia Yumeng, a 2023 graduate student in Design Studies, and undergraduates Wang Shiyi, Pei Xinxue, and Xue Zhongru from the 2020 cohort of Visual Communication Design. Together, they embarked on a creative process characterized by intense brainstorming, analysis, and refinement. Their award-winning design draws inspiration from Wuhan's culinary icons - Hot Dry Noodles, Soup Dumplings, and Duck Neck/Zhou Black Duck. The design captures and abstracts the visual essence of these dishes, culminating in a seasoning jar set that is not only functional but also embodies Wuhan's unique cultural identity.

Award-Winning Works by Professor Lei Yu’s Team

Photo provided by the School of Fine Arts

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