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SCMU Shuttlecock Team Wins One Gold and Two Silver Medals at the 12th Chinese University Students Shuttlecock Championship

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From September 16th to 24th, the 12th Chinese University Students Shuttlecock Championship, also serving as a test event for the shuttlecock category at the upcoming National University Students (Youth) Games, was held at Guangxi Minzu University. This prestigious event, organized by the China University Sports Association and its Shuttlecock Committee and hosted by the Guangxi School Sports, Health, and Arts Society, attracted 382 athletes from 45 universities.

Women’s team final     Photo provided by Jin Ning

The chief referee presented the award to Cui Xiaoxia

Photo provided by Jin Ning

The SCMU shuttlecock team, led by Hao Jiachun, Dean of the School of Physical Education, and coached by Jin Ning, Head of the Department of Ethnic Traditional Sports, showcased remarkable talent and teamwork, securing one gold and two silver medals. Cui Xiaoxia, a standout player, clinched the championship in the women’s singles (A division) and secured the runner-up position in the flower shuttlecock freestyle event. Additionally, the formidable team comprising Cui Xiaoxia, Peng Lijuan, and Wang Dingran achieved second place in the women’s team event (A division) .

Reflecting on her victory, Cui Xiaoxia attributed the success to rigorous summer training and the unwavering support and guidance from the coaches and leaders at all levels.

This year’s Championship not only highlighted the skill and dedication of the participants but also served as a preparatory platform for the shuttlecock competition at the first National University Students (Youth) Games, scheduled for November. Cui Xiaoxia, having proven her exceptional prowess, has been selected to represent Hubei Province in the shuttlecock event at these National Games.

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