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SCMU Faculty Secures Top Honors at the 6th National Ethnic Affairs Commission Science Popularization Competition

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On October 12th, Northwest Minzu University hosted the prestigious 6th National Ethnic Affairs Commission Science Popularization Competition. Sponsored by the National Ethnic Affairs Commission, the event saw participation from 32 contestants representing six affiliated universities and the Chinese National Museum of Ethnology. In a tightly contested battle of wits and knowledge, the SCMU team triumphed, securing one first prize, two second prizes, and two third prizes, while also earning the university the Excellent Organization Award.

Chen Yaling, a faculty member from the School of Education, captivated the audience with her insightful presentation on hydrogen energy vehicles. She adeptly explained their operational principles and advantages, emphasizing the economic and environmental benefits of hydrogen as a clean energy resource. Her polished and engaging delivery earned her the coveted first prize. Further accolades were achieved by Yin Hongyan from the School of Mathematics and Statistics and Xu Shanmeng from the School of Chemistry and Material Science, both securing second prizes. Sun Ran from the School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, and Zhang Shengnan from the School of Resources and Environment each clinched third prizes. As the top winner, Chen Yaling is set to represent the National Ethnic Affairs Commission at the national science popularization competition in mid-November.

           Chen Yaling in the competition  Photo provided by Yang Haijian

Award-winning contestants from SCMU at the award ceremony

Photo provided by Yang Haijian

SCMU has a longstanding commitment to science popularization, consistently achieving remarkable results in past competitions. The university has been awarded three first prizes, one second prize, and one third prize at the national level. Additionally, it has accumulated nine first prizes and over thirty second and third prizes in competitions held by the National Ethnic Affairs Commission, as well as in Hubei Province and Wuhan city, significantly boosting its academic stature.

In preparation for the 2023 competition, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship collaborated closely with the Institute for Scientific Research Development and the Ethnic Museum. They undertook extensive efforts in organizing campus events, selecting contestants, and conducting roadshow training. Song Fajun, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice-President of SCMU, lent his support by visiting the competition venue to encourage the team.

The National Ethnic Affairs Commission Science Popularization Competition, now in its sixth year, has become a cornerstone event, organizing nearly 3,000 participants over its tenure. It has selected dozens of contestants for national-level competitions and has won numerous national awards. The competition is recognized as a significant science popularization initiative by the National Ethnic Affairs Commission, serving as a key platform for nurturing science popularization talent, innovating in science communication, and advancing the field of science popularization.

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