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SCMU’s Humanities and Social Sciences Journal Receives Prestigious National

author:Luo Fan Time:Oct 8, 2023 page views:

At the 7th College Social Science Academic Journals Quality Inspection and Evaluation Awards Ceremony, hosted by Three Gorges University on September 23, SCMU’s Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences was honored with the “National High-Level Authority Social Science Journal”. This achievement marks the first time the journal has been recognized with this prestigious award since its establishment.

This honor follows the journal’s recent inclusion in the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) for 2023-2024, solidifying its position as a leading academic publication. The Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences at SCMU has been proactive in embracing an open-door policy for publication, expanding its editorial strategies, and enhancing its focus on topics that resonate with the strategic goals of national rejuvenation and fostering a shared sense of identity among the Chinese people. The journal’s commitment to upholding high standards and innovative practices has led to a notable increase in its impact factor, publication quality, and academic influence.

The awards, organized by the National Research Association of College Humanities and Social Sciences Journals, evaluated journals on criteria such as authority, academic quality, and overall influence. In this rigorous assessment, 95 journals were classified as “National High-Level Authority Social Science Journals”, 120 as “National High-Quality Social Science Journals”, 142 as “National Excellent Social Science Journals”, and 62 as “National Most Improved Quality Journals”.

Edited by Liu Qiong,  Reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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