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Taiwanese Ethnic Minority Cultural Exchange Delegation Visits SCMU

author:Li Xiaochen Time:Nov 6, 2023 page views:

On November 4th, SCMU was privileged to host a delegation of 30 representatives from Taiwanese ethnic minorities. The event featured a welcoming ceremony, attended by Wei Guoxiong, Director of the National Ethnic Affairs Commission’s Office for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs, and Li Jinlin, President of SCMU.

President Li Jinlin warmly welcomed the delegation, highlighting SCMU’s eagerness to strengthen connections with Taiwanese ethnic minorities. He spoke about the university’s collaborative initiatives with Taiwanese educational institutions and encouraged Taiwanese ethnic minorities to consider opportunities for work, study, and cultural exchange in Chinese mainland, expressing hope for more frequent and deeper interactions.

Wei Guoxiong, in his address, emphasized the interconnected fate and shared heritage of the Chinese nation, including Taiwanese ethnic minorities. He advocated for stronger bonds and joint efforts among different ethnic groups across the Taiwan Strait, aimed at celebrating Chinese culture and contributing to the nation’s collective rejuvenation.

The visit also included a tour of SCMU’s Ethnology Museum, led by Vice President Duan Chao and staff from the Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs Office. This tour was a showcase of SCMU’s commitment to expanding cultural exchanges and cooperation with Taiwanese academic institutions. These efforts, guided by the National Ethnic Affairs Commission, involve enrolling Taiwanese students, hiring Taiwanese educators, and integrating superior educational resources, all contributing to notable achievements in talent development, collaborative research, and cultural exchange.

Visiting the Ethnology Museum. Photographed by Li Jiawei

Group photo taken in front of the Ethnology Museum. Photographed by Sun Yanli

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