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The 38th SCMU Sports Meet Concludes Grandly, and 3 Students Break School Records

author:Lin Wanyan, Jiang Sibo, Shan Yufan Time:Nov 14, 2023 page views:

On November 9-10, the 38th SCMU Sports Meet was held as scheduled. Athletes competed fiercely, showcasing the beauty of sportsmanship, while spectators captured thrilling moments. The opening ceremony on the morning of the 9th at the South Lake Central Sports Field saw the participation of all school leaders, department heads, and students. The Dean of the School of Physical Education, Hao Jiachun, presided over the ceremony.

The ceremony began with the national flag guard team, followed by student and staff teams from colleges marching in rhythm to an athletes’ march. Students from the School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, dressed in Hanfu and carrying a scroll, performed an elegant dance. The School of Music and Dance students in uniform danced to drumbeats. The School of Foreign Languages students, holding the national flag, added vibrancy to the event. The School of International Education’s martial arts display highlighted cultural exchange. The procession concluded with applause and cheers.

After the teams lined up on the field, the national anthem played during the flag-raising ceremony. Song Fajun, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of SCMU, then emphasized the importance of sports in education and urged everyone to embrace the spirit of sportsmanship at the sports meet. He emphasized the school’s focus on integrating physical education with teaching and fostering a strong sports culture.

Referee representative Hu Shengfei and athlete representative Huang Zixiao solemnly took their oaths, setting a formal tone for the event. President Li Jinlin then officially declared the 38th Sports Meet open, marking the start of the festivities. The cultural and sports performances began with the Dragon and Lion Dance team, whose vigorous and dynamic movements, in brightly colored traditional costumes, captivated and drew cheers from the enthusiastic crowd. This was followed by the School of Music and Dance presenting the group dance “Colorful China”, where students in diverse ethnic costumes gracefully depicted the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. The School of Physical Education’s jump rope team then skillfully blended tradition with modernity, creating an enthralling sports display. The climax of this segment was the powerful rendition of “The Red in My Heart” by the Student Arts Group from the Youth League Committee, where the vibrant flag waving and spirited dance moves resonated deeply with the audience.

Artistic Performance.  Photographed by Ma Xiuqin

The school sports meet featured a dazzling array of events, with athletes displaying courage and fierce determination. Traditional national sports such as shuttlecock kicking, martial arts, chess, and ethnic gymnastics were equally intense, combining entertainment and fun while preserving rich cultural heritage. Faculty and staff members joined students in sportsmanship, with over 1,400 participants engaging in various team and individual events, including darts, handball throws, 100m and 400m sprints, long jumps, shot put, 50m relay, among others.

A Powerful Leap. Photographed by Li Jiawei

Hurdling. Photographed by Ma Muyue

Sprinting. Photographed by Ma Muyue

Competing for the ball.  Photographed by Ma Xiuqin

The sports meet saw remarkable achievements, with three students breaking school records in three events: Zou Mingtao from the School of Pharmacy in the men’s 3000 meters, Sheng Jiale from the School of Electronic Information Engineering in the men’s 100 meters, and Wang Qi from the School of Foreign Languages in the women’s 200 meters.

On the evening of the 10th, the Sports Meet concluded at the South Lake Central Sports Field. The Chief Referee, Hao Jiachun, announced the results. The schools of Telecommunications, Materials Science, Computer Science, Management, Biological Sciences, Economics, Resources and Environment, and Medical Sciences ranked in the top eight for both men’s and women’s team totals. The Vice Chairman of the Staff Union, Li Haitao, announced the staff competition results, with the School of Computer Science winning the first prize, the School of Foreign Languages and the Staff Union winning second prize, and the Schools of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Materials Science, and Biological Sciences winning third prize. The Dean of Student Affairs, Yang Tao, announced the Best Organization Awards for eight schools. School leaders awarded prizes to the winning schools and teams.

Vice President Li Hongyan delivered the closing speech, congratulating the athletes on their achievements, thanking the referees, staff, and cheering audience. She stated that the Sports Meet was not only a successful sporting event but also a cultural exchange showcasing the spirit of SCMU students. The school aims to drive high-quality development in all areas, guided by the spirit of faster, higher, stronger, and more united sportsmanship.

Edited by Liu Qiong,  Reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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