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SCMU Unveils Its Celebrated Fourth Annual “Most Beautiful National Trend” Creative Week and Showcase of Exceptional Works

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The morning of November 28 marked the grand opening of the 2023 Fourth Annual “Most Beautiful National Trend” Creative Week and Exhibition of Outstanding Works at SCMU’s Guanggu Art Museum. The ceremony, graced by award-winning creators, mentors, the university community, and media, was held in the exhibition hall. Key figures from the Academic Affairs Office, the Center for Experimental Teaching and Engineering Training, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the School of Fine Arts, and the School of Literature, Journalism, and Communication attended, with Vice Dean Pan Jun of the School of Fine Arts presiding over the event.

Zhong Li, Party Secretary of the Experimental Teaching and Engineering Training Center and School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, highlighted in his speech the vital role of national intangible cultural heritage in Chinese tradition. He emphasized the importance of preserving, inheriting, and disseminating these cultural gems to solidify a shared sense of national identity. The “Most Beautiful National Trend” week is a commendable initiative, showcasing and perpetuating the nation’s rich intangible heritage in contemporary times.

Wu Haiguang, Deputy Secretary and Dean of the School of Fine Arts, extended his gratitude for the unwavering support from the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the enthusiastic involvement of faculty and students. He reflected on the competition’s growth since its 2020 inception, noting its role in bolstering cultural confidence among students from over 10 schools. The exhibit, Wu observed, not only displays exceptional artistic works but also mirrors SCMU students’ dedication to advancing traditional Chinese culture. He encouraged students to continue weaving these rich cultural threads into their academic pursuits and creative outputs, striving for excellence in higher-level contests and innovation-driven ventures, thus enhancing SCMU’s prestige.

Awardee Ai Jinbi made a speech. Photographed by Zhang Zhixing

Graduate student Ai Jinbi, representing the awardees, recounted her experiences from the competition’s first year to its current fourth installment. The students’ fusion of traditional motifs with contemporary elements embodies their artistic exploration and inventive minds. The growing number and variety of entries, under faculty guidance, have transformed the competition into a pivotal platform for showcasing the university’s educational prowess and students’ creative capabilities, as well as a cornerstone of the university’s aesthetic education.

The ceremony proceeded with awards being conferred upon the winners. Zou Fanxiu, Secretary of the School of Fine Arts’ Party Committee, officially inaugurated the 2023 SCMU Intangible Cultural Heritage Creative Week and the Fourth “Most Beautiful National Trend” Exhibition of Exceptional Works.

Visiting the Exhibition. Photographed by Zhang Zhixing

Since its September launch, the competition received nearly 300 entries for the themed category. After thorough evaluation by four external experts, 146 works were shortlisted, yielding 6 first prizes, 15 second prizes, 27 third prizes, 51 excellence awards, 46 finalist awards, and a special overall design award. The exhibition, showcasing the very best of SCMU’s creative talents, will run until December 5, open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Edited by Liu Qiong, Reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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