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SCMU Granted Approval by the China Rural Special Technology Association (CRSTA) to Establish 5 Science and Technology Mini-Campuses

author:Shao Xiangdong Time:Dec 5, 2023 page views:

CRSTA recently issued its approval for the establishment of a number of Science and Technology Mini-Campuses. Notably, five of these Mini-Campuses, jointly established by SCMU in partnership with the Hubei Provincial Association for Science and Technology and the Rural Informatization Promotion Center of the Hubei Provincial Institute of Science and Technology Information, have received their inaugural endorsement, valid for three years.

The Science and Technology Mini-Campus Alliance, initiated by the Association in November 2018, exemplifies a modern approach to merging agricultural research, technological services, and talent cultivation, significantly contributing to the advancement of the agricultural sector and the revitalization of rural communities. SCMU has been at the forefront of creating a comprehensive platform that unites government, industry, academia, research, and practical application, fostering deep and meaningful collaborations between academia and industry. The authorization of these Mini-Campuses plays a pivotal role in effectively closing the gap in the application of scientific and technological advancements and technical services. This initiative is a major step towards the integration of science, technology, and the economy, aiming to propel the growth of Hubei’s agricultural sectors and elevate the scientific acumen of its rural population. Such efforts are in line with and contribute significantly to the broader rural revitalization strategy.

Edited by Liu Qiong, Reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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