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SCMU Celebrates the Lunar New Year with a Theme of “Sharing the Joy of Folk Culture and Welcoming the Auspicious Year of the Dragon”

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On the morning of February 3rd, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the Party Committee Student Affairs Department jointly hosted the New Year’s theme event, “Sharing the Joy of Folk Culture and Welcoming the Auspicious Year of the Dragon”. International students from 12 countries, including Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sudan, and Rwanda, participated in the festivities organized by the School of International Education, immersing themselves in the cultural essence of China’s traditional festival and welcoming the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

At the event, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival was vibrant with large red lanterns and lively Year of the Dragon window decorations. Chinese and international students exchanged New Year greetings and engaged in traditional games such as hoop rolling, arrow throwing, and tongue twister relays, enjoying the festive spirit and fostering friendships. Furthermore, students had the chance to experience rich Chinese cultural activities firsthand, such as writing Spring Festival couplets, crafting the character “Fu” (fortune), cutting window decorations, and making lanterns for the Year of the Dragon. This event was part of a series aimed at enriching the campus life of students staying at the university during the winter break, allowing them to experience the festive atmosphere, feel the warmth of home, and enhance camaraderie among students.

International Students Participating in Hoop Rolling Activity. Photo Provided by Cai ZhaoGuanyu

International Students Engaging in a Tongue Twister Relay. Photo Provided by Long Hua

International Students Displaying Calligraphy Artwork. Photo Provided by Li Xiaochen

Vietnamese student Chen Weigui expressed his joy and gratitude for the New Year’s event, highlighting his exposure to Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting, and other aspects of traditional Chinese culture, as well as making many Chinese friends which alleviated his homesickness. Rwandan student Xia Tian shared his excitement about celebrating the Spring Festival in China, enjoying traditional Chinese games with Chinese students for the first time, and appreciating the opportunity provided by the university to experience the rich Chinese New Year atmosphere. A student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lu An, wrote the Chinese character for “peace” with a brush pen, expressing his happiness to participate in the event and his appreciation for the harmonious and safe environment at the university, wishing for world peace and a better tomorrow. Cai Youfa, a student from the School of Literature, Journalism, and Communication, reflected on the joy and warmth of the event, noting that the initial greetings, assistance during games, and interactive exchanges while writing couplets and cutting window decorations enhanced mutual understanding and friendship among students. He felt the strong sense of the festive season and the warmth of home from the happy smiles of teachers and fellow students. The event concluded with students happily taking photos with their creations.

Edited by Liu Qiong, Reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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