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SCMU Holds 2024 Lunar New Year Gathering for Students Staying on Campus

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On February 7th, the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, the university’s gathering for students staying on campus during the Spring Festival was held. The event saw the presence of over 300 participants, including the Party Secretary Bian Jing, Vice President Li Hongyan, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President Song Fajun, heads of relevant functional departments, leaders from various schools, faculty representatives, and all students remaining on campus, gathering joyfully to welcome the 2024 Lunar New Year.

The third and fourth student cafeterias were festooned with lights and decorations, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. Red lanterns, electronic firecrackers, beautiful Chinese knots, and window decorations featuring the character “Fu” for fortune all contributed to the joyous and harmonious festival vibe, filling the early spring campus with warmth and coziness. Party Secretary Bian Jing extended New Year greetings and well-wishes to all faculty and students, highlighting the university’s flourishing development, steady improvement in educational quality, optimization of academic disciplines, fruitful research innovations, enhanced talent training, and increased social service capabilities over the past year. He commended the collective efforts of the SCMU community, especially during the recent rare ice and snow disaster in Wuhan, where the campus united to ensure safety and warmth, embodying the university's motto.

Bian Jing Delivered a Speech. Photo Provided by Cai ZhaoGuanyu

The event featured more than 180 undergraduates, graduate students, and international students participating in activities. Each student staying on campus received a New Year gift package, including snacks, nut gift boxes, Spring Festival meal vouchers, and safety tips for the winter vacation. Fun games like “Guess What I’m Thinking”, “Idiom Solitaire”, and “Sentence Segmentation Challenge” were organized, with prizes awarded to actively participating teachers and students, making for an eventful and joyous occasion.

Interactive Games. Photo Provided by Cai ZhaoGuanyu

The company and warm greetings from university leaders and teachers made students feel especially cherished. Dilinur, a management student from the class of 2021, expressed how the Party Secretary’s New Year blessings and the sharing of food and stories made for a warm and hopeful gathering. Zhang Wenmin, a graduate student from the School of Literature, Journalism, and Communication (class of 2023), felt thoroughly supported by the university’s comprehensive care, appreciating the shared meals and conversations about the Spring Festival, along with the New Year gift packages, making everyone feel warm and grateful. Xu Ke, an international student from Sudan at the School of International Education, enjoyed participating in the games and experiencing the charm of traditional Chinese culture, enhancing friendships and deepening his love for Chinese culture, making the Lunar New Year even more meaningful.

Distributing New Year Gift Packages. Photo Provided by Cai ZhaoGuanyu

SCMU places great importance on services and support for students staying on campus during the winter break. Through coordinated efforts across multiple departments and measures, the university ensures a warm and comfortable learning and living environment for these students, aiming for a safe and warm winter vacation. On February 9th and 10th, the university will provide all staying students with free meals, available upon presenting their Spring Festival meal vouchers at the cafeterias.

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