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SCMU Convenes Student Leader Meeting to “Listen to Voices, Discuss Growth, and Promote Development”

author:Liu Tiantian, Cai Zhaoguanyu Time:Mar 25, 2024 page views:

On the afternoon of March 22nd, SCMU held its 2024 Spring Student Representative Meeting at the Academic Exchange Center. The meeting, organized by the Party Committee’s Student Affairs Department, focused on studying the spirit of the 2024 National Two Sessions, forging the sense of community for the Chinese nation, addressing student concerns, and promoting high-quality university development.

Party Secretary Bian Jing engaged with 26 student representatives from 22 schools, ranging from undergraduates to doctoral students. Li Hongyan, Standing Committee Member and Vice President, presided over the meeting.

Scene of the Meeting.  Photographed by Zhang Zhourui

Student representatives shared their reflections on studying the Two Sessions and reported on activities aimed at forging a strong sense of community for the Chinese nation. They also provided opinions and suggestions gathered from research on areas like teaching and research, cultural life and services, campus safety, transportation, and employment.

Bian Jing listened attentively, inquiring about details and noting the students’ feedback. He encouraged in-depth study of Xi Jinping Thought and the newly published textbook An Introduction to the Community for the Chinese Nation. Emphasizing SCMU’s role in nation-building, he stated the meeting’s purpose was to understand genuine student needs to improve education and management.

Bian Jing exhorted the students to have lofty aspirations, cultivate virtues, develop talents, and shoulder responsibilities, integrating their personal growth with the nation’s development. Li Hongyan summarized by urging students to remain idealistic, diligent in learning, and open-minded embodiments of SCMU values. She assured them the university would prioritize addressing their concerns to enhance student services and development. Students expressed feeling the university’s care through this meeting and vowed to live up to its expectations through hard work, self-improvement, and social engagement.

Officials from university offices like academics, logistics, and security also joined the meeting.

Edited by Liu Qiong, reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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