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Digital Literacy and Domestic Innovative Software Skills Training for Tibetan Students Kicks Off at SCMU

author:You Yonghui, Wu Dan, Luo Yu Time:Mar 19, 2024 page views:

On the morning of March 16th, a training class on digital literacy and domestic innovative software skills for Tibetan students studying in Wuhan commenced at the SCMU Academic Exchange Center. The class was jointly organized by the Hubei Association of Aid-Tibet Workers, SCMU’s School of Continuing Education, and the School of Computer Science.

The opening ceremony was attended by Tan Huizai, President of the Hubei Association of Aid-Tibet Workers, Yang Hongmei, Secretary-General, Qin Rui, Standing Committee Member and Vice President of SCMU, Tie Jun, Dean of the School of Computer Science, and other officials. Ma Li, Dean of the School of Continuing Education, presided over the ceremony.

Opening Ceremony.  Photo Provided by the School of Continuing Education

Qin Rui introduced SCMU’s efforts to integrate the sense of community for the Chinese nation throughout its administration and operations, assisting in the economic and social development of the Tibetan region. He emphasized that holding this skills training for Tibetan students is timely and significant, beneficial for improving their digital literacy, software skills application, and core competitiveness.

Tan Huizai welcomed the students and expressed gratitude for SCMU’s hard work in meticulously organizing the training, optimizing content based on student needs, inviting expert lecturers, and providing comprehensive logistical support and incentive mechanisms. He passionately recited the poem Youth, encouraging students to cherish this valuable learning opportunity, dare to dream, strive to pursue dreams, and seize the day with vigor.

Tie Jun detailed the training arrangements, stating that as a co-organizer, the School of Computer Science aims to achieve three goals through professional instructors and Kingsoft experts: comprehensive coverage to solidify theoretical foundations, pursuit of excellence to enhance learning efficiency, and practical application to strengthen training intensity.

   Scene of the Training Class. Photo Provided by the School of Computer Science

The month-long training will serve over 750 Tibetan students from 10 universities in Wuhan, with classes scheduled on weekends over 8 days to accommodate students’ schedules. Deqing Wangmu, a 2022 Tibetan undergraduate from the School of Economics, SCMU, expressed excitement about the opportunity to enhance computer skills aligned with her aspirations for the civil service examination. “My friends and I are thrilled that the Hubei Association is providing us with this great learning chance right on our campus. We will cherish it and strive for success,” she said.

Edited by Liu Qiong, reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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