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SCMU Convenes 2023 Alumni Work Annual Meeting

author:Jing Qixi, Wang Yuting Time:Mar 26, 2024 page views:

On the morning of March 24th, SCMU held its 2023 Alumni Work Annual Meeting at the Academic Exchange Center. President Li Jinlin, Alumni Association President and University, Song Fajun, Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Vice President, Qin Rui, Standing Committee Member and Vice President, representatives from schools and relevant functional departments, and alumni representatives from over 20 provinces gathered to discuss the joint development of the university and its alumni. The meeting was presided over by Song Fajun.

Scene of the Meeting. Photographed by Liu Jiang

Song extended a warm welcome and gratitude to the attending alumni. He then introduced the basic situation and achievements of the university’s alumni association, expressing hopes for provincial/regional alumni associations to collaborate on alumni liaison, youth talent cultivation, graduate employment, industry-academia-research project cooperation, and more.

Shu Fuming, Director of SCMU’s Alumni and Fund Office, delivered a work report covering eight aspects, including alumni association organization, forging alumni’s sense of community for the Chinese nation, university-alumni enterprise talent cooperation, and alumni participating in cultivating students.

Li Jinlin awarded letters of appointment as alumni employment and entrepreneurship mentors to over 40 attending alumni representatives. Subsequently, representatives from various regional alumni associations exchanged views on alumni work, introducing their development histories, sharing experiences and innovative achievements, and offering valuable opinions and suggestions regarding the university’s construction, development, and alumni endeavors.

Li Jinlin and Alumni Representatives. Photographed by Liu Jiang

In his concluding remarks, Li Jinlin emphasized that alumni are vital forces and innovative vehicles for the university’s talent cultivation, teaching and scientific research, university-enterprise cooperation, enrollment and employment, cultural inheritance, and social services. Enhancing connections and interactions between alumni, and between alumni and their alma mater, through communication, service, and cooperation, can help and support alumni in better contributing to local economic and social development while promoting the mutual success of alumni, the university, and local regions. He expressed gratitude for the efforts made by alumni organizations in supporting employment initiatives and assisting graduates, while putting forward three hopes: to persistently strengthen alumni liaison work and deepen communication; to continue building communication platforms wholeheartedly to further mutual development; and to join forces in establishing close cooperative relations and creating a long-term talent exchange mechanism between the university and alumni enterprises.

Themed “Discussing the Alumni Work Plan and Envisioning a New Chapter of University Development”, this annual meeting aimed to strengthen the connection and cooperation between SCMU and regional alumni associations. By pooling the collective wisdom and strength of alumni, integrating university and alumni resources, and establishing university-enterprise cooperation and industry-education-research integration platforms, the goal is to construct a community of shared future for the university and alumni. Through engaging interactions, warm services, in-depth cooperation, and extensive and impactful contributions, SCMU and its alumni will jointly write a better future for the university.

Edited by Liu Qiong, reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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