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Jia Lanjun, the Postgraduate of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Published Research Result in International Authoritative Academic Journal

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Recently, Jia Lanjun, the 2019 postgraduate of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, published research result in international authoritative academic journal “Organic Letters” as the first author, under the joint guidance of Doctor Sun Huan, Professor Liu Jikai, and Doctor Wang Chengming from Jinan University.

Many medicines and natural active molecules contain the chemical structure of 3, 3 - disubstituted indoleone, and the nitrogenous heterocyclic ring with quaternary carbon centers is also ubiquitous in nature. Currently, the synthesis of this kind of compound mainly adopt transition metal catalysis, which is of high cost, high toxicity, harsh reaction conditions, and poor selectivity. Jia Junlan’s research focuses on the new synthesis method containing quaternary carbon center indoleone, which is environment friendly and meets the needs of sustainable chemistry, with good potential industrial value.

The research result designs a kind of new nitrogen heterocyclic carbine catalytic radical coupling reactions, and proposes innovative catalytic reaction mechanism. The research topic focused on the problem of organic synthesis of the construction of heterocyclic indolones with quaternary carbon centers, successfully developed nitrogen heterocyclic carbine catalysis, produced corresponding free radical by single electron transfer pathway, so as to trigger intramolecular cyclization induced by radical addition. This method could simply and effectively construct indoleones containing quaternary carbon centers at 3- position, and the application range of substrates for nitrogen heterocyclic carbene catalyzed reaction was broadened to a great extent. This research obtained support by the China National Natural Science Foundation, Hubei Natural Science Foundation  and the basic operating funds of the Central Universities. SCMZU’s forecasting and analysis center conducted partial spectrum test.

In recent years, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences strengthened systematic scientific research and training, and many excellent postgraduate became the new force for scientific and technological innovation by participating their advisors’ scientific research project. The School continued the exploration and innovation training mode for postgraduate, and obtained good effect by ways of joint guidance by both tutors inside and outside of campus, and in-depth exchanges and cooperation with academic institution and enterprises, with constant emerging of innovative achievements and improvement of overall quality of postgraduate training.

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