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2021 Seminar on University Science and Technology Journals Construction in Hubei was Held in SCMZU

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On June 15, 2021 seminar on construction of university science and technology journals in Hubei was held in Academic Exchange Center of SCMZU. The chief editors and directors of editorial department of journals including Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering of Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science, Wuhan University Scientific Journals Press, Huazhong Agricultural University Journal Center, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Journal Center, Yangtze University Journal Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Journal Center, Journal of Central China Normal University attended this seminar. The seminar was hosted by Lei Jianyun, the deputy editor of science edition of SCMZU Journal, and Du Dongyun, the chief editor of Science edition of SCMZU Journal attended the seminar and delivered a speech.

Du Dongyun briefly introduced SCMZU’s discipline construction, scientific research, and current situation of Journal in recent years, and emphasized that journals were important display platform of scientific results, while university journals also carried the important mission of promoting the construction of first-class universities and disciplines. Du hoped that all experts could have in-depth discussion on problems and confusions in the process of operating journals, and provide suggestions on the quality development of SCMZU Journal especially the science edition.

Lei Jianyun introduced the series of measures taken by SCMZU to improve quality of science edition of the Journal, and SCMZU’s supporting policy on its development. Gao Yingyue from Wuhan University, Luo Jin from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Yao Ge from China University of Geosciences made themed report on “The Practice of XML Technology Assisting in Integrated Publishing of Science and Technology Journal of Wuhan University”, “The Enhanced Influence of Journals of Double First-class Universities”, and “Planning for High-quality Manuscript Sources, and Striving for First-class Academic Journal in the Field of Geoscience”.

Combining the reports and sharing of each experts, attending representatives expressed their own opinions and offered their suggestions in the aspects of construction of content quality, editing quality and communication quality of technical journals, construction of journal talents, and innovation of digital publishing and communication technology.

This seminar focused on the construction of journal quality and system, had complete communication about the new trends, new problems, and new measures during construction of technical journals, and built consensus, in order to provide experience sharing to the further improvement of SCMZU’s journal quality of science edition. The science edition of SCMZU’s journal will refer to the excellent experience of other universities, in order to improve the journal quality, give full play to the role of journal, and comprehensively assist in the construction of university and disciplines and development of “Double First-class”.

(Editor: Feng Shanshan  Source: Editorial Office of SCMZU Journal)

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