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The Course of “Connection of Hand and Heart - Traditional Tie-dye Skills of Ethnic Groups” of the Museum of Ethnology was Selected in “Top Ten Research Courses” in Hubei Cultural Relic and Museum System

author:Wang Yuanyuan Time:May 18, 2021 page views:

Recently, the result of 2021 Hubei Outstanding Research Courses and Routes Contest of Hubei Museum Association was released, and the course of “Connection of Hand and Heart - Traditional Tie-dye Skills of Ethnic Groups” declared by the Museum of Ethnology was selected as “Top Ten Research Courses”.

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of founding of CPC, and give further play to the patriotic education function of museums, Hubei Museum Association implemented selection activity of outstanding research courses and routes in April and May this year. After preliminary and final assessment by experts, the contest finally selected ten “Top Ten Research Courses”, eight “Outstanding Research Courses”, five “Best Research Route”, and four “Good Research Route” in the province.

Since 2009, the tie-dye popular science course has been started in the Museum of Ethology. The course creators in chief, including Lin Yihong, Jiang Xiaoyuan, Lan Lidan, Zheng Menglin, and Li Lei, have been going to middle schools and primary schools to have tie-dye skill classes since 2015. At present, the popular science research course of “Connection of Hand and Heart - Traditional Tie-dye Skills of Ethnic Groups” have been completed for more than 80 times in and out of the museum. The course has distinct features and is strongly practical, winning praises from people of all walks of life and students and teachers of middle schools and primary schools.

Tie-dye skill is the China's national intangible cultural heritage, and shows the wisdom of the working people of all ethnic groups. Tie-dye skill course of the Museum of Ethology adopts the combination of research-based learning and travel experiences, so that students could learn the traditional folk handicraft culture in an comprehensive and immersive way. This course won the 2019 “Millions of Citizens Learning Science" science popularizing and people benefiting activity of Wuhan Association for Science and Technology, got several invitations of Wuhan “Day of National Science Popularization” series activities, and got reported by Hubei Daily, Wuhan Broadcasting and Television Station, and all kinds of Wechat official accounts. In 2020, the Museum of Ethology cooperated with Chemical Industry Press, and compiled the tie-dye course into scientific masterpiece of“Small Dye House”, which is going to be published in this November.

(Editor: Feng Shanshan  Source:Museum of Ethology)

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