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SCMZU’s Think Tank of New Type Had Significant Achievements, and the Number of Approved and Adopted Projects Ranked the Top in Province

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On May 28, in order to solidly implement 2021 research projects of new type think tank in the province and promote the high-quality development of think tank work, CPC Hubei Provincial Party Committee Publicity Department held 2021 promotion and training conference of new type think tank annual work in Hongshan Hotel. Li Bo, the Director of Hubei Institute of Well-off Society Construction and the Principal of School of Economics, Professor Duan Shide of the School of Economics, and related personnel of Institute for Scientific Research and Development attended the training conference. The training conference reported the situation of project number, approval and adoption undertaken by each new think tank in Hubei, showing the significant effect of SCMZU’s  think tank construction.

The 2021 think tank course guidance was released at the conference, and high-end think tank representatives such as Institute of International Law of Wuhan University delivered speeches. Liu Aiguo, the Deputy Minister of Publicity Department of Provincial Party Committee proposed three requirements on further implementing think tank work: The first is to further understand the role of think tank from the perspective of responding to unprecedented changes in a century in China; the second is that construction of think tank is to meet the urgent need of building the discipline system, academic system, discourse system of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics; the third is to take new type think tank as the important method to promote Hubei into the province with advantages in theory and social sciences.

Hubei Institute of Well-off Society Construction is one of the ten key think tanks established and constructed in June 2016 by the Publicity Department of Provincial Party Committee. According to “Comprehensive Evaluation AMI Research Report on Chinese Think Tank (2017)” published by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Hubei Institute of Well-off Society Construction of SCUN was selected by 2017 China core think tanks, being the only think tank being selected in Hubei. Hubei Institute of Well-off Society Construction engages in implementing themed researches focusing on important and difficult problems in economic and social development of Hubei Province, mainly including research on index system and implementation condition of building a well-off society in an all-round way in Hubei, research on theory, policy and practice of targeted poverty alleviation in urban and rural areas, and dynamic analysis and research on the industry income of Hubei. The main purpose and task of the institute is to provide consultation service for the important working idea and significant decision deployment of Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government.

According to the statistics, from 2016 to 2020, as one of the eleven new type think tanks in Hubei, Hubei Institute of Well-off Society Construction has undertaken 11 projects, and the projects being approved and adopted for 14 times, which was second only to the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences.

(Editor: Feng Shanshan  Source: Institute for Scientific Research and Development )

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